IDFG ATV Brochure
10 Tips for Safe and Legal Hunting in Idaho Hunters on ATV
  1. Do your homework and know what specific areas or hunting units are open to OHVs during big game hunting seasons ... Good sources of information:

  2. Stay on designated trails. Cross-country riding is illegal on most Forest Service and BLM lands, and it is destructive to the environment.

  3. You can use your trail machine to scout for game and access your hunting camp, but it's illegal to shoot big game animals from your OHV. (Hunters with a disabled permit are exempt from this rule).

  4. Utility Terrain Vehicles wider than 50 inches are not allowed on ATV trails or singletrack trails. UTVs wider than 50 inches should travel on dirt roads and/or two-track roads that are open during hunting season.

  5. Park your OHV if you need to leave a trail or road to retrieve a big game animal.