Best Bow Stabilizer for Hunting Reviews – Top 9

Purchasing a bow stabilizer for archery hunting will help improve your accuracy.  Out in the woods, or at target practice, a bow stabilizer provides better results and reduces vibration and noise. The best archery hunting stabilizers for bows make your shots count. Your bow size, draw weight, and style can help determine the best stabilizer for hunting, best bow stabilizer for target shooting, or even best recurve bow stabilizer. After researching new archery products, we found a great compound bow stabilizer at a great value. The best compound bow stabilizer is the Bee Stinger Sport Hunter Xtreme.  It’s customization and harmonic dampener (inside a high-quality carbon fiber bow stabilizer) deliver a terrific shot.

Bee Stinger Sport Hunter Xtreme Stabilizer
  • Provided weights allow adjustment
  • Harmonic dampener to lower vibration
  • Water-resistant
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Trophy Ridge Static Stabilizer
  • Great in windy weather
  • Lightweight
  • Wrist sling provided
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SAS Archery Aluminum Bow Stabilizer
  • Perfect in strong wind
  • Aluminum provides excellent vibration reduction
  • Three sizes, two colors
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Cartel Doosung Carbon Pro New Generation
  • Top balance for holding steady
  • Easy to install
  • Extra weight easy to add
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LimbSaver S-Coil Bow Stabilizer
  • Dampens effectively
  • Easy to attach
  • Inexpensive and basic
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Apex Gear Carbon Core Side Bar Stabilizer
  • Rubber grip for easy grab
  • Dampens bow vibrations
  • Adjustable weight
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9 Best Bow Stabilizers for Hunting

1. Bee Stinger Sport Hunter Xtreme Stabilizer – Best All-Around

The Bee Stinger Sport was designed with the bowhunter in mind. The most popular version is the 10-inch model which weighs in at 12 ounces, great for stabilizing and balancing other accessories. Each model (there is also a 6 and 8-inch version) features three one-ounce weights to add further weight as needed.

The Stinger also has a coiled design that absorbs most of your vibration upon shooting. This gives it an edge in keeping noise to a minimum. If the Xtreme doesn’t provide enough heft, you can step up to the Maxx, which shares many of the same qualities but steps up to 12 inches and a few more ounces.

The Xtreme provides a healthy weight, good length, and a great price for a quality product easily installed and easy to use. It keeps the bow quiet and still after shooting, keeping other game from noticing you’re there.


  • Adjustable Weight provides 3 more ounces
  • Harmonic Dampener lowers vibration
  • Incredible durability
  • Water-resistant


  • 6 inches may not be short enough for some hunters (But most will enjoy the additional aiming aid)

2. Trophy Ridge Static Stabilizer – Best Basic Model 

Trophy Ridge knows the wind can be an issue in the woods. Fighting a stubborn draw is much harder with the breeze coming from the side. This model has a hollow design with holes intended to ignore all but the strongest gale. Attaching a stabilizer adds more “sail,” so this feature truly helps avid outdoorsmen to hold their focus – and their aim.

The camo design looks great, as does the black. This model also features two one-ounce weights to add heft – less material means less weight. Outdoorsmen can find this in 3, 6, 9, or 12 inches. It’s unique design also comes with a large dampener for extra vibration reduction. The 9-inch model provides an excellent mix of performance and convenience, but if accuracy is your sole concern you can find it in 12 inches. Trophy Ridge also provides a wrist sling for when not in use.


  • Great in windy weather
  • The base model is very lightweight
  • Wrist Sling provided
  • Excellent construction


  • Needs more weight adjustability (Though it is adjustable)

3. SAS Archery Aluminum Bow Stabilizer – Best bow stabilizer for Hunting

Like the Trophy Ridge, the SAS is built to let air through. It’s holes guide the wind so you can focus on aiming. Thanks to a body of sturdy aluminum, it also provides some heft for counterbalance. The metal body is also sturdy and well built. You want your stabilizer to last as long as your hunting career.

This weight also gives it excellent vibration reduction, reducing the sound as well. All your game will hear is the howl of the wind as you line up your shot. Provided in a 5, 8, or 11-inch model, the longer length of the 11-inch provides better balance for aiming. Attaching this model can provide stronger accuracy.

If customization is your thing, it comes in both camo and black. It’s an excellent addition to your bow case.


  • Excellent in strong winds.
  • Vibration Reduction is excellent thanks to an aluminum frame
  • Three sizes and two colors available.


  • Non-adjustable weight (Fewer pieces to track gets you on your hunt faster)

4. New Archery Products NAP Black Apache Stabilizer – Best Future Tech

A unique entry on the market, the Apache comes in 5 or 8 inches. While the 8 inch can be modified by removing 2 ounces via the carbon fiber bar (3-inches), this may not be enough adjustability to justify the purchase. If the top weight is enough, you’ll be very happy with this stabilizer.

However, the Apache makes up for less adjustability with a carbon fiber and rubber dampening material exclusive to the company. The focus of this model has been in reducing vibration and providing balance. Veteran archers may not miss the aid for accuracy, but newer hunters might.

The vibration reduction this stabilizer provides is one of the best. The Apache reduces sound without many bells and whistles, making it a great after-market addition for the seasoned outdoorsman.


  • Superior vibration reduction
  • State-of-the-Art materials
  • Weather-Resistant


  • No aid with aiming or accuracy (Not necessary, depending on your experience)
  • Low adjustability (Easier to take care of)

5. Trophy Ridge Hitman Stabilizer – Best Portability

At under a pound for most, stabilizers are easy to carry. However, setting up your bow in the field can take time when you’re eager to get on the hunt. Being able to quickly attach your stabilizer can mean the difference between sighting game and chasing game.

Like the previous Trophy Ridge, the Hitman features a free wrist strap. It also features an additional quick connect piece. This lets you pop your stabilizer on your bow and remove it just as quickly, ready to stow in your case. It’s a great addition for the hunter who wants to keep their bow in like-new conditions, even on the toughest treks. 

If speed is your thing, this is an excellent choice. The Hitman also provides stability, customization, and sizes in 6, 8, 10, and 12 inches. It also features colored rings in red, orange, purple, green and blue to personalize your bow. This may not help your camouflage, but not everyone owns a blue bow stabilizer.


  • Comes standard with two 1-ounce removable weights
  • Comes standard with wrist strap
  • Features packages quick connect


  • Basic, entry-level (Which helps if you are new to stabilizers)

6. Bee Stinger Pro Hunter Maxx Stabilizer – Best Splurge

If quality is your only criteria, you couldn’t do better than the Pro Hunter Maxx. In 8, 10, and 12 inches it provides a great balance of weight and length. It’s perfect for sighting from a tree stand, especially at the longer length.

Like it’s little brother, the Maxx comes with adjustable weight. This time, you start at 14.1 ounces and remove two 4-ounce or 1 2-ounce weights to bring it down. This can help out on longer trips when even a few ounces can provide some rest.

A Sims internal dampener settles this bow down after shooting as well as providing great balance while aiming. It’s a state of the art addition to a company with an excellent track record in stabilizers. The Maxx fits any bow and it’s 12 inch can even help avid target shooters.


  • Good selection of lengths
  • Adjustable weight
  • Internal harmonic dampener 
  • Provides aid with accuracy and aiming


  • Some may find it too heavy (Easy to reduce weight through adjustment)
  • The high price tag may stop you (The price is well worth it)

7. Cartel Doosung Carbon Pro New Generation Stabilizer – Best stabilizer for recurve bows

Most archers find a bow style they like. Some switch between recurve and compound, either in the field or at the range. Bow stabilizers can often be swapped back and forth, but when target shooting the best get close to 30” in length and many target-only shooters like to flex with a recurve bow. Some archers also prefer the extra draw recurves offer if shooting for exercise.

This model can be found at 26, 28, or 30 inches. Those new to shooting will especially feel the added heft of even the 26-inch model. But that balance provides excellent stability to aim. It can feel harder to move the bow side to side – which is a good thing when lining up your bullseye. In addition to accuracy, it provides terrific balance and weight for dampening.

The Cartel is meant only for a recurve bow, especially target shooters. Hunters will be happy with the other models we’ve looked at. If heading to the range with your recurve, the Cartel will keep your bow steady shot after shot.


  • Terrific balance, holding your shot steady
  • Easy to install
  • Extra weight can be installed to help dampening.
  • Great price point


  • Lowers bow movement – new archers may take time to adjust (Keep shooting and you’ll find it a positive)
  • Only useful for target shooting (VERY useful for target shooting)

8. LimbSaver S-Coil Bow Stabilizer – Best Bare Bones Model

Sometimes, you just want to buy and go. The LimbSaver lacks any extra features. This is a weight you attach to your bow.

Make no mistake, the lack of features doesn’t mean this bow stabilizer won’t do the job. It’s easy to connect, easy to carry, and shuts down vibrations. There’s not much help aiming, but if holding your bow steady is your goal, the S-Coil does the trick. Noise is reduced, and the little extra weight helps keep things still thanks to LimbSaver’s NavCom material.

It’s a great, quick pick up if you want to get right into the woods. However, those heading to the lists for a tournament may want to look elsewhere. In the woods, it’s stubby length will keep your bow easy to move through brush and trees. 


  • Dampens vibrations effectively
  • Keeps the noise to a minimum
  • Quick and easy to attach


  • Not the best for balance (Great for just darn stabilizing)
  • No adjustability (Easy to use right out of the package)

9. APEX GEAR Carbon Core Side Bar Stabilizer – Best Side Stabilizer

Balancing accessories means a front-mounted stabilizer might not do the trick. In that case, you might need a siderod. Siderods also can help balance your front stabilizer if you are the accessory type.

The Apex Gear fits any bow and provides a decent amount of weight to dampen your bow vibration. It’s also customizable, letting you adjust the weight to your needs. This stabilizer also features a grip coating to help with installation. The grip keeps your hands from slipping as you install and if you need to remove it for transport.

While many pros recommend a side stabilizer in addition to a front stabilizer, some shooters found the Apex perfect on its own. Granted, that may be due to sights and quivers, but this is a side stabilizer with simplicity in mind.


  • Adjustable weight to balance your bow
  • Rubber grip for easier installation
  • Dampens bow vibrations


  • May need a front stabilizer for balance (Great with sights and quivers)
  • Bright red can hurt your camo (But easy to swap out if needed)

10. Mathews Flatline Stabilizer – Best stabilizer for Mathews bows

Considered by many bowhunters the best in the business, Mathews bows are designed to provide noise and vibration dampening on their own. This doesn’t mean you can’t find stabilizers for Mathews bows! In fact, adding a stabilizer can only improve these state of the art products.

The best stabilizer for a Mathews bow is Mathews own Flatline stabilizer. The tech in these comes from Mathews themselves and their stabilizer is no exception. This stabilizer features their new EHS Nanotechnology to dampen vibration and keep your shot stable.

This tech is attached to a carbon fiber rod and the added weights come from precision machining. It comes in 6, 8, 10, and 12 inches and several finishes to help match your bow. And while you may not own your own Mathews bow, you can still use this dampener on your Hoyt or Bear.


  • Made by the same company, designed for the best bows
  • Top-notch dampening technology
  • Adjustable weight to get your balance right


  • High price tag (But worth every penny)
  • Built for Mathews Bows (But can attach to any port)

What Is The Top Bow Stabilizer?

Owning a bow stabilizer will help your accuracy, your aim, and your comfort post-shooting. Those out in the woods will appreciate the noise reduction and those at the targets will love the added accuracy. The type of bow matters a little, but truly consider how you might use it. Even hunters will want to think about tree-stand vs. blind hunting. The Hunter Xtreme Stabilizer by Bee Stinger provides adjustability, a quality product, and a decent price.

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