Best Duck Hunting Waders and Waterfowl Waders for The Money in 2018 Reviews

Finding the perfect combination of quality, durability, comfort, and price is many times an ordeal. Given the large number of products available in the market today, all promising to give you the best deal, the search becomes daunting.

We want to make your search for the perfect wader a lot less daunting and narrow it down to the top duck-hunting and water-hunting waders for the money in 2018. They are the best at what they do and we have classified them by the activity you will be performing because a great hunting is influenced by a great wader.

Top 3 Duck Hunting Waders and Waterfowl Waders for The Money in 2018 Reviews Comparisons Chart

  • Allen Cattail Bootfoot Neoprene Chest Waders

    - Best waders for duck hunting
    (Our Score 4.8)

    The perfect combination of functionality and comfort, these waders will give you the flexibility you need when performing in the water.

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  • Frogg Toggs Amphib Camo Bootfoot Wader

    - Top waders for waterfowl hunting
    (Our Score 4.8)

    A highly durable neoprene shell makes these durable and strong. They are also a great option for cold temperatures

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  • Frogg Toggs Amphib 3.5mm Neoprene Bootfoot Cleated Wader

    - Top neoprene wader
    (Our Score 4.8)

    The features on this wader make your investment worth your while. It comes with an impressive number of features given the price.

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  • Compass 360 Deadfall Breathable STFT Chest Wader

    - Best breathable option
    (Our Score 5)

    With a combination of DuraTex and titanium, not only these waders keep your sweat out but they also provide the warmth you need when you are in cold weather.

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Top 3 Waders for Duck Hunting

Duck hunting will most likely get wet, muddy, and windy on a good day. So, the important thing here is to get a wader that keeps you both warm and comfortable. The following selection includes waders that perform the best in what they are intended for

  • 1.Hodgeman Caster Neoprene Cleated Bootfoot Chest Waders
    Our cheapest selection

    Not only is this our most affordable selection but the Hodgman Caster Neoprene is one of the best duck-hunting waders out there. It is actually amazing how the manufacturer was able to put together a wader with all the features it has for the price.

The Bad/What I don't like

When you open the package, you will feel a strong petroleum smell, which is from the chemical they use to ensure waterproofing. You will have to air them for at least 48 hours before using them. But then, that should be only one time.

The size has been reported to be one number bigger than expected so you might want to consider that before purchasing. But then, you will find out once you put them on, that they are actually very comfortable and warm enough for your duck-hunting trips.

  • Padded knee for calf and knee protection.
  • Very comfortable and warm.
  • Excellent price
  • Package includes a belt.
  • Light neutral print
  • Strong chemical odor makes them impossible
    to use right out of the box.
  • Does not fit as expected
  • The print is not camo.

The Good/What I like

We love the price and the quality this wader provides. It is completely waterproof and does not break easily. It is sufficiently padded and it has all the elements of a comfortable wader.

Product Highlights

This is one of the best waders for duck hunting, and at the price it sells, you will see why it’s a steal. It features a top loading pocket that doubles as a hand warmer and is made of soft fleece. It offers protection to your knees and calves, through reinforced double-layer knees. Its durability and resistance come from the 3.5 mm neoprene shell which also contribute to its flexibility.

To offer you comfort and safety, the Y-back elastic suspenders strap with opposing buckles. There you find D-rings, hanging from this strap. This wader is recommended if you are going to be hunting at a temperature that goes by the 30s and 40s since it will keep you warm.

Editors Rating 4.7 out 5

  • 2.Allen Cattail Bootfoot Neoprene Chest Waders Top Comfortable Waders

    The Allen Cattal Bootfoot Neoprene chest waders are not only functional but they also fit so comfortably well. These easily adjustable Nylon knit Mossy Oak Blades camo jersey material laminated waders will keep you dry and make you forget you even have them on.

The Bad/What I don't like

The waders tend to feel too hot in warmer weather. So keep that in mind when you get yours. Some users have reported that the size is bigger than expected. However, they have made them work just great and have lasted for at least three seasons.

  • A great fit.
  • They are extra comfortable.
  • Thinsulate rubber boots include a steel arch support.
  • Padded knees.
  • Camo print.
  • They can feel heavy.
  • They do not perform well at hotter temperatures.

The Good/What I like

Unlike most waders, these ones include boots with a steel arch support, which makes you walk comfortably even if it is only while in the water. The fact that they will fit perfectly tells you of the comfort and warmth that you will get with the Allen Cattail Boot foot.

Product Highlights

These waders were designed to fit great and to be functional. The design consisting of a high back and mid-level front makes it easy for women to use it. The rubber boots are made with Thinsulate and with a semi-hard toe cap. These boots even have a steel arch support. As we said, they are designed for comfort.

To keep adding to the comfort and fit, the adjustable suspenders feature a D-ring attached to the base in order for you to attach stuff on it. Other great features include a belt, a hand warmer, and padded knees. It keeps you warm in very low temperatures but it is pretty breathable in more average weather.

Editors Rating 4.8 out 5

  • 3.Allen Cattail Bootfoot Neoprene Chest Waders Budget Friendly
    If you are looking for affordable and super durable camo waders, this is the place to go. These have the perfect combination of neoprene and Thinsulate to make them a good choice for moderate to semi-cold weather. These are not our cheapest option but it is the best one for the price, a still good one.

The Bad/What I don't like

If you are looking for extremely cold temperatures, these waders will not work for you. Lucky for us, duck-hunting is not likely to happen in such extreme weather. The fact that the product is light mostly obeys to it being thin. Just make sure you don’t hit anything too sharp and you should be fine.

  • Good for light and semi-cold weather.
  • Higher back design.
  • It comes with a waist belt.
  • Great boot grip (come with steel arch).
  • Knee-padding.
  • Not appropriate for extremely cold weather.

The Good/What I like

We would recommend these waders to anyone. They are comfortable, completely waterproof, light (which helps move around), and the grip on the boots is just great.

Product Highlights

The Allen Big Timber Bootfoot waders have the unique design of a higher back, which makes them work great if you are going deeper into the water. It is made from 3.50 mm of neoprene plus the boots are made with 600 g of Thinsulate.

The waders include loops for the belt, which make a great fit. The high back design includes adjustable suspenders that can be easily adjusted. The adjustable web suspenders feature a D-ring to make it more functional. The rubber boots also include a semi-hard toe cap and steel arch.

Editors Rating 4.8 out 5

Top 3 Waterfowl Waders

When you look for the top waterfowl waders, you are looking for a product that will keep you dry and warm. Most of the waterfowl hunting happens during fall and winter, so you need waders that will keep you going through thick. Check out our selection of the best three waterfowl waders.

  • 1.Hodgman Mackenzie Nylon and PVC Cleated Bootfoot Chest Fishing Waders
    The Most Affordable

    These waders have a couple of characteristics that make them unique and a certainly good acquisition. These are not your typical “you get what you pay for”. You will be surprised about its performance and even more when you see the price tag they come with.

The Bad/What I don't like

You must note that you will probably get a size that seems too big. However, in most cases, once you walk them out, there should not be a problem at all.

  • Very lightweight.
  • Boots are made of PVC
  • Adjustable suspenders
  • They are only warm enough
  • Not good for cold weather
  • They might be oversized.

The Good/What I like

We like the light weight and the simple adjustable suspenders. The boots are durable and able to endure all types of terrain.

Product Highlights

The manufacturer has priced these waders especially low. But that does not mean that they will not perform the same as their more expensive counterparts. Probably the first thing you will notice is that they are a lot lighter than rubber waders. The waders are made of nylon and the boots are elaborated with PVC, which is more durable than rubber.

Their large size guarantees greater flexibility, which means it is easier to walk with them. The fact that they are bit big helps make them more comfortable and not tight at the armpits or crotch, which is the case with many waders.

Editors Rating 4.7 out 5

  • 2.Frogg Toggs Amphib Camo Bootfoot Wader
    The Best Durability And Strength

    People love these waders thanks to its durability and strength. The neoprene shell is what makes them last for several seasons. Pretty much everything in these waders was made for it not to break easily.

The Bad/What I don't like

For some reason, Frogg decided to use Velcro for the straps. This limits the use of the D-rings since if you hang something too heavy, the Velcro straps will just come off. However, you are still getting a great product at a great price.

  • Highly durable
  • Securely reinforced seams.
  • Offers a good fit.
  • Have a camo design.
  • It might fit small on some people.
  • Straps have Velcro attachments.

The Good/What I like

We like all the work put into making these waders especially durable. For the price, we believe these are one of the most valuable sets of waders for waterfowl hunting. They also come with kneepads for puncture protection.

Product Highlights

The upper, which is especially high, features a 3.5 mm neoprene upper. This tells you about durability and warmth. The waders are capable of withstanding harsh weather conditions. Speaking of durability, you will notice that the seams are stitched, glued, and taped. This will keep the water inside and decreases the chances of water coming in anytime soon.

It comes with neoprene adjustable suspenders which help for a better fit. This ensures that these will always sit comfortably on you while doing your waterfowl hunting. The rubber boots come with 600 gram Thinsulate ultra insulation. This ensures that your feet stay warm and comfy even in conditions of low temperature. Take them anywhere and under the coldest weather-you do not have to worry about a cold core anymore.

Editors Rating 4.8 out 5
  • 3.5 mm neoprene upper
  • Reinforced knee pads
  • Adjustable neoprene suspenders
  • 600-gram Thinsulate Ultra Insulation in boots

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  • 3.Frogg Toggs Men's Cascades 2
    Our Top Choice In Comfort

    The quality that Frogg has us accustomed to is met on this design. The fit is comfortable, even if it seems like they are a bit bigger for your size. Put them to the test and you will see why we consider these our top comfortable choice.

The Bad/What I don't like

We do not really like Velcro straps because they can come off with little weight. But then they are also easier to adjust. The upper tends to bag around the chest unless you are huge.

  • Suspenders are comfortable.
  • Great price.
  • Loose fit.
  • Very comfortable to wear.
  • Construction is not too sturdy.
  • Velcro adjustments.

The Good/What I like

We like the value of this product. So many features usually found in more expensive models are all in this one. One thing we love them for is for the extra comfort they add to them.

Product Highlights

Designed to last a long time and to fit comfortably, the Frogg Toggs Men's Cascade 2 waders come with many of the features you will see on higher-end products. The top is made with ply rubber and 300-denier polyester plus the boots are cleated and made of rubber. Doesn't feel like your size? Adjustable Velcro straps, H-back suspender, and an adjustable chest draw cord help to a better fit.

These waders will keep you dry and clean through many hunting sessions. They are warm but work best on not-too-cold temperatures. The rough poly/rubber manufacture of the wader upper makes them especially durable. The boots are lightly insulated and feature a steel shank.

The adjustment straps feature D-rings with a hand-warmer pocket on the chest. There are other details that also make the Men’s Cascades 2 especially durable. The seams are triple-secure, the wool insoles, and the padded straps also add to the comfort.

Editors Rating 4.7 out 5

Top 3 Breathable Hunting Waders

When the temperature gets too high in the outside, the inside can get hotter. Not all products that claim to be breathable actually are. We have found three products that make a real run for your money when it comes to breathability.

The Bad/What I don't like

The materials seemed a bit lean but once you try it on, you will get your satisfaction. Just try not to beat it that hard as that will definitively reduce its useful life.

  • Zippered chest pocket.
  • Easy to put on and take off.
  • Adjustable belt at the waist
  • Durable and practical.
  • The material might seem a bit lean.

The Good/What I like

The design of these waders is basic, simple, and very practical. To this, you add the quality of the material and you get great value for what you pay. Thankfully, the straps are not attached with Velcro but with quick-release buckles which makes it easier to put on and off.

Product Highlights

The Canyon II Stockingfoot are highly durable waders built with tough nylon that allows the manufacturers to guarantee to last for years. To make it fit more comfortably, it features an adjustable elastic belt leash, which is easily adjusted with quick-release buckles.

It also features a zippered security chest pocket and 4 mm double-tape neoprene booties which complement this durable wader. The design allows for it to work in conditions of warmer temperature as it allows are to circulate in.

Editors Rating 4.8 out 5

  • 2. Compass 360 Deadfall Breathable STFT Chest Wader
    The Most Resistant Choice

    An impressive pair that is in to impress you too. These waders feature a nice set of perks that you will be grateful about. It has the ability to keep you warm during winter but it will not roast you during warmer temperatures as it allows air to circulate through it.

The Bad/What I don't like

As we just mentioned, the top of the waders includes Neoprene shoulder pads, which are comfortable but after wearing them for a while, you will feel sweaty. Not recommended if you do not enjoy that sensation. You can try putting a cloth or a pad between the straps and your cloth.

  • Chest Pocket design with
    zippered storage
  • Knee reinforcement
  • Great price.
  • Abrasive resistance.
  • We did not find any.

The Good/What I like

We definitively like the dedication put into making this a perfectly abrasive resistance on these duck hunting waders. The technology is also dedicated to giving you great comfort from the toes to the Neoprene shoulder pads.

Product Highlights

Perhaps the one feature you notice on the Compass 360 Deadfall is the large 2-N-1 B.A.P Chest Pocket. It is zippered and waterproof which makes it perfect to store anything you don’t want to get wet. It is made of a durable 4-ply nylon which makes it incredibly non-abrasive. This right here is what makes this one our best selection when it comes to resistance.

The shell is built with a combination of DuraTex and titanium, which also help keep your body warm. On the booties, we have 800 g of Thinsulate that will keep your feet from freezing. These boots also feature steel shanks to keep you in balance while you travel through rough terrains. It also features double reinforced knees and shins for a great protection.

Speaking of booties, these have been designed to ergonomically fit on your feet. This makes this wader a perfect choice for your hunting activities. It keeps you warm when it needs to and will give you a fresh movement through your hunting trip.

Editors Rating 5 out 5
  • Durable 4-Ply Nylon construction
  • 2-layer knee and shin reinforcement
  • 4mm foot fit stretch neoprene booties
  • Adjustable elastic suspenders

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  • 3. Frogg Toggs Canyon Taslan Breathable Stockingfoot Wader
    Our Top Breathable Selection

    Here is the "Frogg" going at it again delivering a perfectly breathable wader with great options and useful perks we are sure will delight you. This comfortable wader provides mobility and performance. No matter the weather conditions, these ones will keep you safe and dry.

The Bad/What I don't like

You will soon find out that the booties are not insulated enough. If you get into cold waters, you will begin to feel the chill very soon. We recommend wearing socks before getting into the waters.

  • Adjustable and comfortable fit.
  • Breathable fabric that dries sweat.
  • Rugged construction.
  • Also useful during bad weather.
  • The neoprene booties will not keep your feet warm enough.

The Good/What I like

We like that these waders provide comfort, good quality, and an increased performance. The technology put into proactively getting rid of sweat will help you through hot and cold days.

Product Highlights

Check for a great combination of comfort, price, and quality. The Canyon Taslan has that and more. These waders were made to make you feel premium comfort. The first thing we are going to point out is what makes these so comfortable. The DriPore2Gen technology helps keep the air circulating inside the wader, giving you a more comfortable and dry sensation, which we believe is very important.

This means that you can move around and bout with these ones and never be worried about you getting overheated from hunting movement. The construction, made of breathable nylon keeps water from going inside but it also helps get rid of any sweat accumulation in the inside of the waders.

The fabrics that this wader is made of is very durable but it is also comfortable. This is especially great for fishers that will spend a long time standing on the lake. To keep adding to the comfort, the adjustable wading belt and the straps ensure that you have the best experience ever.

Editors Rating 4.7 out 5

Top 3 Neoprene Waders

Neoprene waders are built for cold weather. However, not all of them truly deliver when it comes to extreme weather. But we have selected top 3 Neoprene waders for whenever you have to go fishing or duck hunting when the water is icy cold.

  • 1.Waterfowl Wading Systems Max-5 Neoprene Stockingfoot Wader
    Top Affordable Option

    These are our best option if you are short on budget. Even though the wading boots are not included, we still consider it a great choice for duck hunting. This wader has interesting features that will actually entice you.

The Bad/What I don't like

We know that these are stockingfoot but we still believe that a thicker layer of neoprene at the feet would have helped feet stay warmer. Other than that, the Waterfowl Wading System is rather impressive.

  • The price.
  • Nylon outer layer to provide abrasion.
  • All the characteristics of a pricier wader.
  • Wading boots are not included.
  • The neoprene booties could be thicker.

The Good/What I like

We love all the features that manufacturers were able to put into these waders. All the features needed for wading at very cold temperatures are there.

Product Highlights

These camo waders are comfortable, they keep you dry, and will help you stay warm. They are made of neoprene after all. These waders are stockingfoot, which means that you will need a separate pair of wading boots. But the quality you get for the price of these ones is simply amazing.

The waders are made from 3.5 mm neoprene material with a nylon outer layer to prevent abrasion. You also get reinforced knees, a big front pocket which doubles as hand warmers, and D-rings to help you carry stuff. The camouflage is a MAX-5 Realtree camo.

Attached gravel guards help reduce the mud and debris that enters your boots. Overall, the quality of this wader is surprisingly good for the price.

Editors Rating 4.7 out 5

  • 2. LaCrosse Swamp Tuff Pro 1000g Wader
    Most Durable Option

    The fact that these waders are so durable obeys to the great combination of fibers used to elaborate it. Depending on the size and type, you can get a lower price. Check out this awesome option by LaCrosse.

The Bad/What I don't like

Not that we did not expect it but that combination of fibers used to reinforce this wade makes the entire thing heavier than average. This might be an issue when you are trying to get your stuck boot out of the mud. This, however, is solved by the ankle-lock system. Overall, this is a durable choice and is well worth the investment.

  • Quality materials.
  • A plethora of features.
  • Highly durable.
  • Great ankle support.
  • Getting in and out of the boots
    can be challenging.
  • It is heavy.

The Good/What I like

We like the durability and the amazing features of this wader. Granted, it is the priciest one on our list but you will see how it is truly worth the investment.

Product Highlights

Made with at least four different types of fibers, the LaCrosse Swamp Tuff Pro is an ode to durability. Leave it to a company that operates since 1879 to put together such a fine piece. The upper is made of 5mm insulating neoprene and is lined with fleece to make it even more comfortable. Extra durability is achieved through a unique combination of spandex and Lycra. The wader uses Realtree MAX-5 camo which makes it strategically suited for marshes, lakes, and anywhere to go for waterfowl hunting.

The seams are double-stitched with their Armor Weld seam-sealing technology, which involves stitching, then taping and reinforcing with a coat of rubber. An ankle-lock system keeps your feet in place in case you get stuck in the mud. The pants are complemented with the classic pockets, plus a game bag and a shell pouch. The boots are insulated with 1000G Thinsulate Ultra insulation, meaning that they will keep your feet warm in the harshest cold.

Editors Rating 4.7 out 5
  • Made of Neoprene, Fleece, Spandex,
    Lycra, Rubber
  • Double stitched seams
  • Boots with 1000G Thinsulate Ultra Insulation

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The Bad/What I don't like

Users have reported that the fit is not as expected and it is usually larger. Given this, we suggest you pick a smaller number than your usual. Either way, you can still return it if it does not fit as expected. Frogg also offers an exclusive one-year warranty

  • A thick layer of neoprene.
  • Great price and high quality
    make it our best valued.
  • Thinsulate insulated boots.
  • Bib-style design.
  • The pocket is not waterproof.
  • Size is larger than expected.

The Good/What I like

This wader is made of neoprene and is great at keeping you both dry and warm. It still manages to be lightweight which means that you will have a great performance while you are in the water either fishing or waterfowl hunting.

Product Highlights

To ensure bot a waterproof and warm wader, neoprene stands as the most reliable fabric. This makes the Frogg Toggs Amphib your best choice for a highly valuable wader. This product comes with a 3.5 mm thick bib-style neoprene fabric plus reinforced knee pads that provide maximum comfort and flexibility.

The boots are made of 200 g of Thinsulate insulation that ensures warm feet and protection from water. The sewed-in booties made with 3.5-mm neoprene have sliding gravel grounds. The perfect fitting is ensured by suspenders with a hook and loop adjustment. A neoprene pocket helps you store your essentials and keep them protected.

Editors Rating 4.8 out 5


What is The Best Light Weight Hunting Waders?
If you want to have the freedom to move in lighter quality waders, the Allen Big Timber Bootfoot Neoprene Chest Waders definitively your best choice. They are made of neoprene and the boots are insulated, meaning that you will always stay warm even in the coldest temperature.

What is the best bootfoot waders?
The best boot foot waders are preferred by those fishers or hunters that perform at warmer waters. For that purpose, the Hodgman Caster Neoprene Cleated Bootfoot Chest Waders are our favorite choice and also one of our cheap ones. Of course, it comes with great features that ensure a successful and comfortable hunting.

What is the best chest waders for the money
Because of the number of features and the price it comes with, the Frogg Toggs Amphib 3.5mm Neoprene Bootfoot Cleated Wader is our most appreciated product. When tested, this one gave the best feeling of a good investment for a low-priced wader.

What is the warmest cold weather waders?
Waders made with neoprene are definitively the warmest waders. If the temperature you will be driving yourself is nearly arctic, get yourself the LaCrosse Swamp Tuff Pro 1000g Wader. It is made of several fibers which not only make it comfortably warm but also highly durable.

What is the Best chest waders for duck hunting?
Not an easy choice but we will go with the Allen Cattail Bootfoot Neoprene Chest Waders. They are great when it comes to comfort, which we believe is important when you are hunting duck or any other waterfowl.


As you have seen, a successful hunting party involving you in the water will depend on the type of waders you choose. Keep in mind that the most important factor here is that you feel comfortable in it. Now, of course, this comfort is determined by how warm, breathable, durable, abrasive-resistant, and fit your wader is. You should not settle for something that will not meet your duty on budget. There definitively are durable waders at a very low price that will put a grin on your face.