Best Running Shorts for Men Reviews – Top 10 in 2020

High-quality performance running gear can help you to conquer your goals. You know the importance of a solid running shoe, perhaps you’ve even got multiple pairs. But today we are here to talk about another crucial piece of gear for runners – your shorts! 

The type of shorts you choose can make all the difference between running in comfort, and the ever-dreaded chafing. How your shorts react to heat, cold, rain, shine, and every other adverse condition can affect the quality run.

Top Three Favorites and Best
Under Armor Men’s Raid Shorts
  • HeatGear fabric.
  • Odor-repelling technology.
  • Sleek style & Trusted brand.
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Nike Men’s Flex Stride-Shorts
  • Dri-FIT, double-drawcord.
  • Vapor Barrier pocket.
  • Fashionable & light-weight for serious runners.
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Lixida’s 2-in-1 Running Shorts
  • Reflective logo & Attached under-shorts.
  • Split leg allows for long-range of motion.
  • Affordable prices.
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What we looked at

  • Material
  • Length
  • Style
  • Features
  • Budget


Material is an important aspect to consider when shopping for running shorts. Different blends of fabrics will behave quite differently when tested under the elements. The kind of shorts you will want to purchase depends on the climate and weather conditions you will be running in. Maybe you need a quick-drying material, or perhaps you need something odor repellent, whatever it is, we’ve got you covered. 


Different runners prefer different lengths of shorts. We can even see this among different professional runners and athletes. Compare the outfits of a sprinter and a long-distance runner, the length of their shorts are completely different. The type of length you choose should reflect you and your goals.


The old saying of ‘look good – feel good’ definitely rings true for runners. Though we value performance, it would be a lie to say that your shorts aren’t a reflection of you and the style/image you want to portray. Feel great in your own skin, and conquer the streets wearing what makes you feel like yourself.


Different shorts come with loads of different features. Each brand has elements, which set them apart from other brands. We’ve compiled a list comparing and contrasting several brands, styles, and materials for your convenience. Take these into consideration, and let your shorts help you in every possible way. You may also like the best running shoes for plantar fasciitis.


For us budget-conscious shoppers we are always looking to get the most bang for our buck. Included in this guide is the reference for prices when compared to others so that you can break records, not the bank.

Keep on reading to see our list of the 10 best running shorts for men on the market!

The 10 Best Running Shorts for Men

1. Under Armor Men’s Raid 10 Inch- All around best shorts

We’ll start this list off with a great pick from Under Armor. These shorts will suit the average runner in every way. The sleek design, with the minimalistic logo, makes these shorts fresh and stylish while offering protection and performance. Under Armor’s HeatGear fabric will make sure you stay comfortable and dry while staying at the top of your game. These shorts are 84% polyester, and 16% elastane, which creates a quick-drying material, for those who tend to sweat or run in the rain. The shorts also come equipped with odor-blocking technology. The combination of features and technology in these shorts put them a step above other casual running shorts.

FEATURES: HeatGear fabric, odor-repelling technology


  • Versatile in material and performance
  • Sleek style
  • Trusted brand


  • Not best suited for serious runners (sprinters and long-distance)

2. Nike Men’s 7 Inch Flex Stride – Short split leg with style

Nike delivers an extremely solid running short, which is better suited for competing runners while maintaining a stylish frame. These shorts are designed with Nike’s Dri-FIT technology, which has been tried and trusted for many years. The Nike Flex Fabric is also designed to move while you do, keeping your pants in place and comfortable. The double drawcord can be worn inside or outside your shorts, adding a feature of personalization. The pocket is innovative, in that it is fitted with a vapor barrier to keep items inside cool and protected from sweat.

FEATURES: Dri-FIT, double-drawcord, Vapor Barrier pocket


  • Great features
  • Fashionable, and suited for serious/pro runners
  • Flexible and free-flowing fabric


  • A bit pricier than other options here

3. Lixida’s 2-in-1 Running Shorts-Multi-sport Ready

These are our first shorts on the list with a built-in under-short AND split short technology. These shorts made this list for a number of reasons, the first being their great price. Secondly, they are 100% polyester, making them sweat-repellent and quick-drying. The under-shorts will prevent chafing, and also save you a bit on your laundry load each time you use them. Though these shorts may not be the most stylish, they are fully equipped for high-performance and durability. The undershorts will keep you covered and dry, while the shorts allow for a full range of motion in your legs. They also come in many bright colors and have a reflective logo. These shorts are also great for cycling, for those of you who like to branch out!

FEATURES: Attached under-shorts, reflective logo, perforated sides


  • Under-shorts keep you cool and comfortable
  • Split leg allows for a great range of motion 
  • Comes at a great price


  • Lack of pockets

4. BALEAF’S Men’s 3 Inch Running Shorts – Affordable Shorts for Serious Runners

These shorts are our first pair of serious running shorts on this list. They come with built-in undergarments for support and are split leg for optimal range of motion. If you are a serious runner who’s looking to put in mile after mile, these shorts are a great pick. They are affordable and available in an array of colors. These shorts don’t have the highest fashion-sense but they have a strong construction for serious runners to look and feel great in while running. Most colors are 100% polyester, meaning that they will wear a bit, but at this price range, they can be easily replaced.

FEATURES: Split leg, undergarment included, safety ready colors, interior drop-in pocket


  • Great price
  • Split leg
  • Bright reflective colors


  • Unless you are a serious runner the style is a little lacking

5. TSLA Men’s Quick-Dry Running Shorts-3 Inch shorts with Great Tech

These shorts are similar to the BALEAF brand but have their own unique style, which sets them apart and gained them a spot on this list. The fabric is built in a way that lays more flush on the skin, allowing for a sleeker look. TSLA has a great moisture sensing and quick-dry technology that functions based on a four-way air circulation system. They include the standard split leg and inner mesh undergarment but come with an external pocket as an added feature. The shorts also come in many colors to aid in nighttime running and are quite affordable.

FEATURES: 4-way air circulation, quick-dry tech


  • Great options for a short, split leg
  • Outside pocket
  • Great color variety


  • Pocket is a little small

6. Under Armor Running Shorts – Durability in a 3 Inch short

These shorts are similar to the first pick on our list but are more suited for serious runners. The shorter design allows for longer strides. They act to keep you as cool as possible in heated conditions. The inner mesh allows for comfort and protection against sweat and chaffing. Under armor has a great material-blend, which allows for their durability. Also, the lack of split leg, along with the way the fabric sits, makes these shorts a bit more attractive than standard running shorts. They are not the cheapest on our list, but the higher price tag can guarantee a high-quality and long-lasting product. These shorts come in selected, yet attractive colors.

FEATURES: HeatGear Fabric, comfortable inner mesh


  • Reliable Under Armor technology
  • More stylish than most other running shorts
  • Built to last


  • No pocket

7. ARSUXEO Men’s 2-in-1 Shorts – Style and Practicality

These two-in-one shorts are great for a variety of sports, including any type of running and cycling. These shorts have a longer compression undergarment that extends only a bit beyond the end of the short, giving the short a unique and stylish look. It features an innovative, two-zip-up pocket, so you can carry your keys, phone or other important belongings while you’re out running. They also have a formidable material blend that will keep you dry but will also keep the shorts in one piece, meaning they should last you a long while. The fabric is porous and breathable, allowing for moisture to leave the body, instead of trapping it inside. The split-leg cut mixed with the longer compression pants allows for maximum movement while also maintaining some style.

FEATURES: Compression short lining, two zip-up pockets


  • Two zip-up pockets
  • Compression short lining
  • Sleek style


  • Can be a bit warm in hot climates

8. SKORA 2-in-1 Men’s Athletic Shorts – Something for Everyone

Skora makes our list with these shorts by coming in with an assortment of features. These shorts come in three different variations: compression lining, mesh lining, or unlined. Meaning that you can cater these shorts to your personal preferences, or have multiple pairs for different conditions. The shorts themselves are created with a solid blend, which will keep you dry, and keep them as your go-to running lineup for years to come. These shorts are built with pockets on both sides and a zip pocket in the back. Your valuables are guaranteed to be secure with these three designated pockets. These shorts come in a preferred length for the average runner and are smart-looking in all styles.

FEATURES: Variety of styles, zip-up back pocket


  • 3 Different styles to fit all needs
  • Fashionable
  • Two front pockets, one back pocket (all zip-up)


  • Lack of color options

9. Young LA Men’s Running Shorts – Fit and Style King

These shorts are the perfect mix of style and performance. The split leg style allows for a full range of motion in your legs, while the longer leg and slim fit leave you looking great. The fit is geared towards accentuating your legs, while the style and material shapes to your every step. That fit isn’t just for style though, it is also meant to leave you quads supported for the duration of your run. The polyester/spandex mix makes these shorts ready to compete for the long haul. They are also fitted with SilverMult technology, which is meant to keep your skin soft and give your muscles plenty of breathing-room. You may also like the best running shoes for bad knees review.

FEATURES: SilverMult technology, Slim fit


  • Great fit and look
  • Split leg for movement
  • Light, comfortable and breathable


  • Price

10. Amazon Essentials Tight Running Shorts – Best in Compression

The short wrapping up to our list provides a completely different style than anything else we’ve found. These running tights are in a compressed style. They are made of 92% polyester-blend, which will stay, and keep you dry while you’re out running. These tights may be a bit stuffy in hotter climates, they will keep your form, support your muscles during your run, while keeping from chafing. These shorts are perfect for people in high-effort track sports, like sprinting. The sleek black design is fitted with reflective bands in the front and back to help you stay safe while running at night or on cloudy days. They even come at an affordable price.

FEATURES: Compression style, safety reflectors


  • Great compression 
  • Perfect for sprinters
  • Safety reflectors


  • A very unique style (Though not necessarily a bad thing!)

Final Thoughts on the Best Rated Running Shorts for Men in 2020

Your next step is to determine the exact needs of your running wear, by the type of activities you will be performing in them. We’re confident that our list contains something for everyone, and will aid you in your next running shorts purchase. Happy running!


What are men’s running shorts made out of?
Nearly all are a polyester blend. Some are 100% polyester, while others are a mix of polyester, spandex, and/or elastic.

What are men’s split leg shorts?
Split leg is when the shorts have a pull in the seam, on the side of the legs. These are used to allow the leg to have a more natural swing without having the shorts chafe against your skin or restrict you in any way.

How much breathing room should men’s running shorts have?
This tends to be a personal preference. If you live in a hotter climate, a bit more breathing room may do you well. Beware, as too much breathing room will have you feeling unkempt and uncomfortable. Search for a snug fit that keeps you comfortable, yet flexible.

How are men’s running shorts measured?
Shorts are measured from the bottom of the crotch seam to the bottom of the short-leg.

What is the ideal length for men’s running shorts?
This depends on you. If you’re a competitive runner or participate in marathons, then shorter shorts might be a better choice. They allow for the greatest amount of heat dispersion and have the most freedom of leg movement. However, more casual runners may prefer a multipurpose, longer-legged running short. 

Should you get longer or shorter men’s shorts based on the distance you run?
The distance of the run doesn’t necessarily dictate the length of the shorts. Wear whatever feels most comfortable for you. But in general, shorter shorts are used by longer-distance runners.

What is the difference between men’s compression shorts and running shorts?
Compression shorts are generally used underneath the regular shorts. These are meant to provide overall support to the legs for any number of sports. Running shorts, however, are made with only one sport in mind – running.

Why do men’s running shorts have liners?
Many men’s running shorts can be quite small, meaning that wearing underwear with them can be difficult and uncomfortable. Also, running shorts are designed with special ventilation purposes in mind. This means that wearing the running shorts is the only thing needed for your workout.

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