7 Best RV Toilet Treatments (Black Holding Tank) In 2020

Owning an RV means that you have the responsibility to give it proper maintenance. One of those responsibilities is to keep a clean black tank. Don’t get lost in sanitation and get the best holding tank treatment out there!

Product Unique RV Digest-It Holding Tank Treatment
  • Formaldehyde-free formula
  • Dissolves solids effectively
  • Cleans tank sensors
Product OUR #1 cHOICE Happy Campers Organic RV Holding Tank Treatment​
  • No odor chemicals
  • Cleans and protects
  • No damage to the RVs plumbing
Product Walex Natural Holding Tank Deodorizer and Waste Digester Drop-Ins
  • Conveniently pre-packed tablets
  • Disinfects and deodorizes
  • Rapid solid-liquefying formula
Product Camco Ultra-concentrated RV Toilet Treatment
  • Fresh orange citrus scent eliminates odor
  • Ultra-concentrated
  • Affordable price
Product Walex Porta-Pak Holding Tank Deodorizer
  • Lavender-scented packs
  • Solid-dissolving formula
  • Versatile
Product Happy Campers EXTREME CLEANER
  • Cleans deposits of accumulated crust
  • Solid-dissolving formula
  • Restores tank sensors
Product Camco Blue Enzyme Holding Tank Treatment
  • Bacteria/enzyme forumula
  • Biodegradable ingredients
  • Easy to use

Best RV Holding Tank Treatment Reviews

Happy Campers Organic RV Holding Tank Treatment

Our #1 Choice

Happy Campers is a powdered holding tank treatment with a proven formula that completely neutralizes odors. It is cost-effective and reliable. The odor-neutralizing formula uses a highly-concentrated mineral blend activated with water.

Quick Summary
  • Organic, hence biodegradable and environmentally friendly
  • effectively liquefies solids
  • Works at temperatures of over 100 degrees Fahrenheit
  • No damage to the RVs Plumbing
  • Price: $
  • Effectively neutralizes odor without the use of chemicals
  • Cleans and unclogs without any negative effect
  • No chemical or sewage-like odor.
  • Safely cleans septic tanks
  • It is a bit expensive

The effectiveness of Happy Campers Organic RV Holding Tank Treatment lies on the fact that it does not use any added odor. These odors usually blend with the sickening smells of the tank, making matters worse. This does not happen with this treatment. 

This treatment behaves in almost the same way as an enzyme or bioactive treatment, except that you do not get the unwanted residuals. As a positive long-term consequence, it does not require more treatment every time. 

You probably noticed that this treatment is organic. Its effectiveness relies on natural ingredients and not dangerous chemicals. This makes it biodegradable, septic-tank gentle, and environmentally friendly.

Another great feature in this product is that it works pretty well in cold temperatures and in hot weathers. Besides this, you do not need to add more before dumping as it keeps working on dissolving solids and neutralizing odors. There is no need to buy expensive special toilet paper when you can get it dissolved by this natural product. 

This highly concentrated treatment is our most cost-effective choice as you get powerful odor-neutralizing without the use of odor-masking chemicals. No more foul odors coming from your tank is Happy Campers guarantee.

The manufacturer recommends one scoop to treat a 40-gallon tank and another one to treat your grey tank. The unclogging process of this treatment is completely safe as it will not damage your RV’s plumbing.

Unique RV Digest-It Holding Tank Treatment

The RV Digest-It Holding Tank Treatment by Unique is an altogether impressive cleaner that dissolves solids and eliminates odors thanks to its enzyme/bacteria blend. This treatment does not mask odors and has a proven effectiveness.

Quick Summary
  • Formaldehyde-free formula
  • Dissolves solids in your tank
  • Its enzyme/bacteria formula eliminates odors.
  • Cleans and restores sensors
  • Price: $$
  • Effectively dissolves solids and eliminates odors inside your tank
  • Unclogs tanks overnight
  • Cleans and restores tank sensors
  • The formula is free of formaldehyde
  • Not too effective at dissolving thickest types of toilet paper

The versatility of this treatment goes beyond eliminating odors. Its formula is completely free of formaldehyde. You can pour this in your tank and it will unclog your holding tank overnight. The septic-safe formula completely dissolves any solid component in your tank.

This is good news if you do not want to waste on expensive special toilet paper. Just use your regular toilet paper and just let Digest-It take care of it. This holding tank treatment is also capable of cleaning and restoring tank sensors, which helps you have the peace of mind that this will be always up and running.

As this formula does not act on the surface, meaning that it eliminates odors, not just places a layer over it, you are guaranteed comfort and no foul smells in your RV.

Walex Bio-Pak Natural Holding Tank Deodorizer and Waste Digester Drop-Ins

These Walex drop-ins are made to be a deodorizer and waste digester. Users have found it equally effective to deodorize, clean and unclog their RV toilets, which is why it has made it to our list. 

Quick Summary
  • Colored packs disinfect and deodorize and do not stain
  • Comes in packs (40 gal per pack)
  • Dissolves materials almost immediately
  • Fresh odor
  • Price: $$
  • It deodorizes and dissolves waste
  • Safe and friendly for septic tanks
  • Conveniently pre-packed for easier use
  • Color is non-staining
  • The order is very intense and can be bothering to some users

These drop-in are sold in bags of 10 packages at a pretty good price. Since the product comes in convenient packs, you do not need to do any measuring which is pretty convenient. Just make sure that you use them effectively depending on the size of your black tank. 

Each packet is enough for a 40-gallon tank. If you are using it for the first time, two packs are recommended for that one time to help clean any residues.

Once the product is dropped it immediately begins to dissolve solid materials and permeates with a fragrant odor. It is capable of dissolving any type of toilet paper, avoiding clogging in your tank and plumbing system. 

The drop-ins are safe, without any harmful chemicals (free from formaldehyde and biocide), and will not bring harm to your tank. It is so easy to use.  Regular use will clean and give maintenance to valves, pipes, and seals. 

We are sure you will enjoy the convenience of not having to use a liquid or a measuring cup to get the product inside your tank and plumbing. 

Camco Ultra-concentrated RV Toilet Treatment

Camco RV toilet treatment with orange citrus scent also comes in convenient packages that you only need to drop in. With no hassle and within minutes, you will have a fragrant, deodorized, and disinfected black tank. 

Quick Summary
  • Dissolves paper tissue and solids
  • Fresh orange citrus fragrance
  • Protects septic tanks
  • Ultra-concentrated formula
  • Price: $$
  • Removes any odors and replaces with orange citrus scent
  • The formula is safe and free of formaldehyde
  • Thanks to its special chemical it effectively breaks down waste
  • It has been approved for RV and boats
  • Use immediately after taking out of the bag as it might react to moisture in your hands

This is one of the best formaldehyde-free RV holding tank treatment chemicals. You just have to drop inside the tank and it will begin to work disinfecting and eliminating unwanted odors.  

It is also very helpful at breaking down paper tissue and solid waste to prevent clogging in your septic system. To dissolve solid waste, Camco uses a special chemical tailored specifically for this.

Since the product is ultra-concentrated, one package is enough for a 40-gallon tank. It does not contain bronopol, which is a formaldehyde-releasing ingredient. This product has been approved for use in RVs and boats. It will not harm septic tanks. 

It comes at a great price and each container has 30 pre-packed units of the product which means that it will last for a while. The formula of this toilet treatment has been proven in effectiveness, meaning that you have a product that guarantees an unparalleled performance. Learn several ways on how to unclog your RV toilet.

The orange citrus scent will permeate your toilet with a nice fragrance. The easy-to-use capsules are very convenient as there is no risk of liquid spilling or adding more than needed (or less).

Walex Porta-Pak Holding Tank Deodorizer

Walex has also created this lavender breeze tank deodorizer to make the process of holding tank cleaning so much easier. This tank deodorizer is considered one of the best portion control deodorizers in the world. 

Quick Summary
  • Unbeatable odor prevention
  • Does not contain formaldehyde
  • One pack protects for seven days
  • Cleans sensors
  • Price: $
  • Formaldehyde-free formula prevents unpleasant odors
  • Useful in many settings
  • Its deodorizing action is without par
  • It keeps the sensors clean
  • The pouch will have a harder time dissolving than the average

The porta-pack holding tank deodorizer from Walex has a proven unbeatable odor prevention. Its formula is safe, chemical-free, and contains no formaldehyde. Besides disinfecting and deodorizing, it is very effective at breaking down accumulated wastes and toilet paper. 

The Porta-Pak Holding Tank Deodorizer comes in a very convenient tablet form that you just need to pour into the toilet. It just does not get any simpler than that. When you pour each pack, the product dissolves practically immediately, leaving a streak of cleanliness and odor in its path. 

This product is kind of unbeatable when it comes to odorizing. It will not mask the odor but it will neutralize it in such a way that it does not come back. You will enjoy the fresh lavender scent, which is very pleasant. Definitively a delight to your nose. 

The odor will not permeate and intoxicate your RV as it is not pungent but rather measured. With each drop, you are guaranteed seven days of odor protection. Not only will it keep the holding tank deodorized but the formula also cleans sensors, keeping your entire system running up properly. 

One of the many things that you might appreciate about this product is that is pretty versatile. Not only works wonders for your RV toilet but it also works wonders on boats, trucks, and for camping. 


Either you use it for your RV or your boat, Happy Camper’s Extreme Cleaner cannot be overlooked. Its powerful formula is an effective powder cleaning solution for your holding tank. 

Quick Summary
  • Holding tank cleaner
  • Softens and dissolves solids thanks to its formula
  • Dissolves solids and other sludge
  • Cleans and restores water tank sensors
  • Price: $$
  • Cleans and restores technological sensors without harming them
  • Effectively eliminates odors, sanitizes and disinfects
  • Super easy to use
  • Its concentrated formula makes it last for a long time
  • Ingredients are not listed on the container

Getting super clean tanks is actually possible. This product and its manufacturer guarantee effectiveness in the cleaning of your RV toilet. Not only will it get rid of foul unwanted smells but it will also clear and restore malfunctioning sensors. 

All the solid plasters that have accumulated in your tank will be softened and dissolved thanks to its powerful formula. This action is performed without corroding your plumbing system. 

You can easily use this product to eliminate deposits in your tank sensor. If you have a cum crusted sensor, you can rest assured that the powerful formula of the Extreme Cleaner will bring it back to life by effectively dissolving that sludge. 

If you are a heavy RV user, you will find this product extremely useful. Scale deposits forming layers can form layers in some tanks, which eventually can lead to pipe clogging.

For better results, follow the directions for amount to pour on the tank. Next, you pour this product into the holding tank and let it rest overnight. The morning will receive you with a great view of no deposits, a clean and odorless tank, and hopefully, the guarantee of a fresh bathroom while you are on the road. 

Camco Blue Enzyme Holding Tank Treatment​

The blue enzyme holding tank treatment by Camco is safe to use, effective, and formaldehyde-free. It is able to dissolve down waste and paper tissue. 

Quick Summary
  • Bacterial/enzyme complex formula
  • Digest proteins, fats, wastes, and tissue
  • 4 ounces for 40 gallons of water
  • Ingredients are biodegradable
  • Price: $
  • Long shelf life and with no sensitivity to temperature
  • A buffer system prevents the formation of acids
  • It enzyme/bacteria formula digests fats, proteins, waste, and tissue.
  • It is biodegradable
  • Not too effective at eliminating odors

The formula of this holding tank treatment is a bacterial/enzyme complex that dissolves proteins, fats, tissue, and waste. The combination of ingredients in this holding tank treatment activates only when there is a need of digesting a solid. 

The new chemistry behind this powerful treatment allows it to operate effectively regardless of temperature. This long shelf life allows it to be very popular among users who travel from different climates. 

You can obtain this treatment in a presentation of 1 gallon or smaller presentations. You can treat 40 gallons of tank water with only 4 ounces of the product. All of the ingredients in the 41507 are biodegradable and safe for the environment.

Besides all of the above, this solution brings a buffer that prevents the formation of acids and septic odors. All of this put together helps completely neutralize any undesired smell.

This treatment is effective at neutralizing odor-producing bacteria, treating solids and other substances effectively, and keeping your black tank clean and running. 

Camco guarantees that the product will sport a pure rain fragrance when applied. It is easy to use and ready to apply once you bring it to your RV. It is as simple as pouring 4 ounces per every 40 gallons of black tank volume. 


Having to clean and treat a holding tank in an RV is something that not many talk about. However, this is crucial to keeping a tank in optimal shape. 

All of the products discussed in this article are great at what they do. We do recommend you invest time in trying as many as you can until you find the one that meets your needs. This is very important as well as it will ultimately determine the useful life of your tank.

So, the main reasons why you should use a proper treatment for your black water tank are:

  • Keep the tank clog-free.
  • Avoid the accumulation of foul odors that will nastily permeate your coach
  • Keep your tank safe.

You want to travel with the peace of mind that your tank is in tip-top shape and will not give you anything to think about. If you enjoyed our reviews see these electric tankless water heaterstop rated RV solar panels, and the best rated RV roof sealants.