Top Best Rated RV Wax For The Money Review In 2020

Ensuring that you use the best protection for your vehicle guarantees it lasts longer and looking at its best. A proper waxing will protect your RV from UV radiation, safe from scratches, and protected from solar radiation and other types of environmental damage. 

If you are still on the fence and not know which way to go, check out these short review of these individual products. We are sure you will find what you need.

The Best For Fiberglass Product Meguiar's Marine/RV One Step Cleaner Wax
  • UV- and other types of- radiation protection
  • Non-abrasive formula
  • Only 1 application required
Best RV Wash And Wax Product Aero Cosmetics Wet or Waterless Car Wash Wax Kit
  • Wet or waterless wash
  • Biodegradable formula
  • The coating offers effective UV-protection
Best Wax For Gelcoat RV Product Protect All 62016 All-Surface Care Cleaner
  • Multifunctional
  • For exteriors and interiors
  • Protective and shiny coat
Best RV Wax for Aluminum Sliding Product Protect All-Surface Care Cleaner
  • Water-repellent carnauba wax
  • Anti-static properties
  • Dries clear on crevices

The Top RV Wax Full Reviews

1. Meguiar’s Marine/RV One Step Cleaner Wax – Best For Fiber Glass

To make your RV always look protected and shiny, this product is definitively one of the best to protect fiberglass. Meguiar is an ideal option for a non-abrasive cleaner that cleans and protects not only your RV but it is applicable to other vehicles and boats. You can find it in 16-oz bottles or in 1-gallon presentation.

This product guarantees not only a polished look but protection against salt air, corrosion, and UV radiation on any surfaces made of fiberglass gel. This kind of protection ensures that your RV will keep looking new for a very long time.

Since the cleaner wax is non-abrasive, colors are enhanced and surfaces stay well protected and looking beautiful. It is great to know that you only need to apply once and it is actually very easy to use.

  • It offers protection against UV radiation and other forms for environmental impacts.
  • It removes corrosion, haze, light oxidation, and minor scratches
  • It only requires one application.
  • Not only it cleans, but it polishes surfaces.
  • It polishes nicely but not so on surfaces that are too worn out.
  • You need to avoid decals made of vinyl, which is a nuisance if your RV has many of them.

2. Aero Cosmetics Wet or Waterless Car Wash Wax Kit – Best RV Wash & Wax

Because we know how important a good wash and wax is, we have included here the entire car was wax kit by Aero Cosmetics.

Definitively the best product you will find out there for the proper care of your RV. It is highly reliable when it comes to keeping your car looking clean, shiny and brand new. This is guaranteed by the fact that the wax included in the kit has an aircraft quality.

The Aero Cosmetics waterless car wash and wax is pretty easy to apply. You simply spray it on the surface and then wipe dry. It is composed of a plant-based, biodegradable and green formula. This makes it safe to use even indoors. It does not contain alcohol and ammonia.

One great thing about this kit is that you get the option of applying it with water or waterless. You can spray it right after washing. The finish looks shiny and is not sticky. It creates a layer that offers guaranteed protection against UV radiation on all surfaces. Another beautiful thing is that it works just as great in both dry and wet surfaces.

The wax included in the kit will also help improve the shiny look on your RV. It works in most surfaces including plastic, vinyl, aluminum, rubber, glass, chrome, and leather.

  • Biodegradable and eco-friendly formula.
  • It can be applied on a wet or a dry surface.
  • Very easy to apply
  • Wax included has aircraft quality.
  • The wax works on most surfaces.
  • When applied on dark or whit surfaces, it tends to streak

3. Protect All 62016 All-Surface Care Cleaner – Best Wax For Gel-coat RV

This is the best wax to protect a Gelcoat RV. It is a multifunctional all-surface that cleans, treats, protects, and waxes all surfaces. One issue with gel coating and fiberglass materials is that oxidation builds up. The Protect All 62016 can fight this damaging oxidation.

Besides the protective care it offers, it is not abrasive, which makes it completely safe to apply on all surfaces of your RV.

The advanced formula it uses is combined with pure Carnauba wax. 

But protection does not stop there. This all-purpose cleaner also provides a UV-protective and polished coat. It can also be used in many surfaces such as glass, rubber, chrome, vinyl, plastic, and paint.

  • Highly protective of Gelcoat RV
  • Multifunctional product: cleans, treats, protects, polishes, and waxes.
  • Non-abrasive
  • It works great in both interior and exterior surfaces
  • Effectively fights oxidation
  • The bottle might leak and the pump might fail.

4. Protect All-Surface Care Cleaner – Best RV Wax For Aluminum Siding

Our top pick for Aluminum siding. This is a unique all-surface cleaner and RV wax. The superior formula on Protect All-Surface is especially elaborated and effective in clearly drying on molding and trimming crevices. So, you are guaranteed no spot or stain on your aluminum siding.

This product gives aluminum slidings maximum durability and a lustrous look thanks to its water-repellent formulation. This only means that the life of your aluminum siding is extended.

Zero oil traces allow no dust accumulation on your RV. This wax is pretty versatile and can be also used in other types of transportation. 

You also get effective protection against UV radiation. This was also offers protection against harmful oxidation that usually forms on RV surfaces. Easy to apply, it protects your aluminum sliding for many years to come.

  • A pretty versatile product.
  • Provides a lustrous shine on your aluminum siding.
  • It is easily applied.
  • Increases aluminum durability the more you apply it.
  • Water-repellent formula
  • We did not find any disadvantage to this product.

Buyer's Guide

You already know the responsibility of having a recreational vehicle. They are a lot of fun during those very long trips. But taking care of them is sometimes an excruciating job that usually will easily take you an entire day to complete. This is why wash and RV wax manufacturers work hard to give you the best products that will not require you to wash two times or only need one spray application, for example.

But this is not the only reason for you to get the best products out there. Quality is important but it is not the only factor. For instance, not all RV waxes are suitable for GelCoat. In fact, some of them can actually harm them. Check out the following guide to help you decide on which is the best product for your RV.

How to choose the best RV wax for fiberglass

As a rule of thumb, you should wax your RV fiberglass every six months. But there is no science behind this. You are the one who decides the frequency based on how you use it. Maybe you want to give it three months, or maybe you thing that 12 months is all right.

Fiberglass for wax is highly concentrated and is usually designed to last a long time. It protects against stains and allows your RV to look shiny. It is especially convenient if you do not have a garage for your RV.

Most of the roofs in RVs are made of fiberglass. They tend to develop traces of oxidation, so choosing the best one is important to keep your roof looking always shiny. If you neglect your roof, it will begin to flake. The best option you have when choosing a fiberglass RV wax is to choose one that is a two-in-one. This means that it should be able to both clean and protect your roof.

Some other characteristics that you might want to look at on an RV wax are:
  • It should make any dirt (bird droppings, fruit sap, etc.) to slide off.
  • Provides protection against UV rays.
  • An abrasive content will be needed if the roof started to oxidize.
How to choose the best RV wash and wax

The tires and finish of an RV are the most exposed areas of an RV. They are the ones that withstand the sun and all the elements. Protecting them is pivotal and a good wash and wax will do the trick.

A good RV wash and wax will remove black streaks, dirt, bird droppings, bugs, road films, and much more. You might we wondering why to use a wash and wax if you can easily use water and soap. These products definitively get the job done but they are not always the best for all types of materials.

Pick an RV wash and wax that is specifically fit for the type of vehicle you have. It should be environmentally friendly and without harmful chemicals. Also, make sure that they are friendly to your paint, biodegradable, and with a powerful formula.


How to choose the best RV wax for Gelcoat

You will usually get an overwhelming amount of choices for the best RV wax for GelCoat. The choice becomes very difficult when you see that most products are not necessarily specialized in Gel Coat, but it cleans many other types of surfaces.

Most of the RV waxes for gel coat have all the characteristics that you require of them. They all excel in what they do so the once daunting job is actually not that much. The market offers a wide variety of options.

Specifications on them are very varied and the best one for your RV will ultimately depend on what you think is the most important aspect to take care of on your vehicle.

How to choose the best RV wax for aluminum siding

The best RV was for aluminum siding must focus on making it last for many years. You should note that not all cleaners are made for aluminum siding, in fact, some of them can actually damage the aluminum. Hence, the importance of making the right choice.

A proper RV wax for aluminum siding should be safe to use and will effectively remove black streaks, lift the film, and keep the aluminum durable.


You have made a significant investment buying your RV. It is, therefore, very important to take care of that investment. Yes, it is not altogether easy and, as said before, will usually take you one day. However, you will enjoy the satisfaction of having a vehicle that is always looking shiny.

But it is not only about the looks. You should always invest in protecting the materials that are mostly exposed to the elements. The sun, the wind, the weather, birds, and trees all are plotted to make your RV look at its worst. Applying the correct product will help you effectively protect your vehicle from all of these elements. Some other related helpful articles you might me interested in is the top best rv roof coating guide or if you are looking to protect your rv that has fiberglass check out the best rated rv wax for fiberglass review.