Best RV Wax For Fiberglass - Top 3 of 2020

Consider that when you own an RV, you must give it the best care to ensure a long-lasting useful life. Finding the best wax product for your RV can be exhausting. Thankfully, narrowing it to the best RV wax for fiberglass makes the options not to be too overwhelming. You should know that it is not the best option to use a generic product for the fiberglass portion of your RV.

Versatile choice Product 303 (30320) UV Protectant
  • Non-toxic formula
  • No greasy finish
  • Repels dust and dirt
Budget Option Product Meguiar's M6332 Flagship Premium Marine Wax
  • Boosts fiberglass coloration
  • Easy to apply
  • Leaves a nice glossy apperance
Best Value Product Meguiar’s M5616 Marine/RV Pure Wax Carnauba Blend
  • Brazilian Carnauba wax
  • Boosts durability
  • Makes fiberglass look always new

We will be taking a look at the best RV was for fiberglass roof vehicles. Because the best care for your vehicle comes from the greatest products, check out the following waxes for fiberglass. Keep your roof not only looking like new all the time but also protected from UV radiation and other environmental issues.

Having a fiberglass roof has some advantages to it. Investing due time to will help you preserve it for it to always look sharp. Fiberglass is resistant and it will protect your moving home from the heat and radiation. This and still making your vehicle look at its best. Another great advantage of a fiberglass roof is that it is not expensive.
Using the proper type of RV wax for your fiberglass roof will ensure that it stays unscathed by the weather for a very long time. To protect your investment, take a look at these three exclusive choices we made.

Best RV Wax for Fiber Glass

1. 303 (30320) UV Protectant - Best For Fiber Glass

This is probably one of the most versatile products out there. It is not only great for protecting fiberglass roofs but the 303 (30320) UV Protectant is also great at protecting other materials such as rubber, plastic, and vinyl. We especially loved the finish that it gives to fiberglass. If you want a wax that will make your fiberglass roof look new for a longer time, this is the one to go.

We will start by saying that it is safe to use as it is non-toxic. The finish has no static which greatly reduces the chances of getting dirt and dust. What happens to those if they land on your roof? 

They will just slide away. Did we mention the great matte finish that the 303(30320) will give to your roof? It will make it shine and sparkle.

The rinse-free formula of this product guarantees that the finish will not feel greasy, so there are no risks of a slippery or greasy-looking roof. It does not include petroleum or any silicone in its formula. Besides this, you will not be disgusted or nauseated by weird smells on your backyard coming from your RV wax as this formula is almost odorless.

But it does not stay at making the roof look clean and shiny. The product also offers the best protection against the main enemies of your RV roof. That includes UV radiation that causes discoloration and cracks. One of the presentations includes a convenient spraying bottle that helps make a better distribution of the product.

  • It has no petroleum or other oily resins.
  • No unpleasant odor.
  • Reduces static and prevent dirt and dust from ever sticking to your roof.
  • Non-toxic and safe to use.
  • Protects against discoloration and cracking caused by UV radiation.
  • The formula is not safe for plastics or clear surfaces.

2. Meguiar's M6332 Flagship Premium Marine Wax - Best RV Wash & Wax

This is not only one of the best waxes out there but it is also one of the most affordable ones. If you notice, it was intended for boats. 

This however, is a good hint of its quality when it comes to protecting against the elements. The fact that it is so durable and with such a small price tag makes it an ideal choice for your RV.

The M6332 Flagship from Meguiar is specially designed to protect fiberglass and gel coat surfaces. 

This type of specialization must be an advantage as an emphasis is placed on the materials it will be applied on. One great advantage of this product is that it can help remove light scratches, swirls, some oxidation and offers protection at the same time.

When it comes to colors, it gives it a special finish. Your fiberglass roof on your RV is probably white or cream colored. Even this color can shine with the protection of Meguiar’s Marine Wax. You can say that when it comes to protecting against tear and wear caused by UV radiation, this product is for heavy duty.

The application of the product is pretty easy. Use your hands or a polisher.  Make sure you clean off any excess product. The formula of this Marine Wax will provide the needed protection to your RV’s fiberglass portions as well as giving it a nice gloss. Meguair is a company that has been producing car-protecting products for 115 years, so you can trust they will deliver with this one.

  • Formulated especially for fiberglass and gel coat.
  • Leaves a nice deep glossy appearance.
  • Removes light oxidation.
  • Will make the color of the fiberglass look like new.
  • A pretty affordable product.
  • The shiny coat it leaves does not last too long.

3. Protect All 62016 All-Surface Care Cleaner - Best Wax For Gel-coat RV

To keep your RV in excellent condition you need prime ingredients to go in the mix. How does a Wax Carnauba from Brazil blend with other expensive products sound? 

The best part is that you get all this great quality at an incredibly affordable price. That makes Meguiar’s M5616 our best value choice.

The combination of its ingredients makes this product a great help to give your RV a valuable paint protection and a nice gloss.

 You get a clear coating that is effective even in dark surfaces. Its application is so easy and effortless, and you can safely use on any painted surface without any risk of removing the paint.

To retain the impressive gloss in fiberglass, the M5616 contains resins, polymers, and silicones. The finish provided by this product will have a lasting effect, which is the kind of protection that you are looking for when it comes to your RV roof. You also get an appearance of a new surface as it helps to remove most imperfections caused by wear and solar radiation.

This is a tough one against the effect of the elements as it boosts the durability of your RV. You can rest assured that you will get the gloss, shiny finish, and effective protection from this wax from Meguiar. You can apply it manually or aide by a polisher.

  • A combination of Brazilian Carnauba wax, silicone, resins, and polymers.
  • Easy to use.
  • Removes imperfections.
  • Leaves a gloss look.
  • Increases the durability of your RV
  • It is very hard to take off.

Buyer's Guide

Fiberglass is a favorite of RV users thanks to its versatility. It is easy to clean, give maintenance to, it reflects most of the radiation to keep the inside of the RV at an optimal temperature, and it is not that expensive. How long it lasts without wearing out or cracking will depend on the good care we give to it.

You definitely need to protect your investment. This is why we have suggested the best of the best wax products to be safely used on your RV. Now, keep in mind that almost all fiberglass portions of the RV are protected by a gel coat surface. This means that when it comes to shine and look, you want to polish the gel coat surface of the fiberglass. 

The environment, solar radiation, friction with the air, rain and other factors cause fiberglass to lose its shine. Fortunately, we have presented you with our three options for an RV Wax for fiberglass. The gloss of gel coat on fiberglass can easily be removed but with the best products out there, it can also be easily restored. You may also be interested in our guide on how to paint RV exterior fiberglass.

Before you sit down to consider what store to visit to buy your next RV wax for fiberglass, please follow these recommendations:

  • Some products come with some toxic materials derived from petroleum. Consider that these can affect the environment. When you wax your RV coat, you will eventually have to remove it. A non-toxic cleaner is the best option to protect your health and the environment. The 303 (30320) UV Protectant, for instance, is a great option for nontoxic.
  • You want your fiberglass surfaces both to look glossy (not oily) and to be durable. Most waxes achieve this but some of them are not lasting. Two of our selections deliver a lasting shiny appearance. But all of them deliver in providing protection against the environment and solar radiation.
  • The price is another important factor. You probably noticed that the price range of these products is highly affordable. As with any other product, the price is usually an indication of its quality. Do not be afraid of spending an extra buck or two as this could be the difference between a great finish and a wanting one. You must consider though that some products just come at a great price.
  • We have chose. What we an our products based on what we believe are the best ones out there. However, the best RV wax for fiberglass will ultimately depend on youre referring too is that you decide what kind of protection you want to give to your RV.

    As we have explained before, RV owners are usually looking for durability and a long-lasting protection. This is obviously because you need to protect the large investment you made in your RV. You should consider also that the protection and care of your vehicle requires a significant time investment. Naturally, owners will look for products that are easy to apply, that allow them to wax less often and in less time.
  • If you already have an oxide build-up, you should know that an RV wax will not completely remove it all by itself. You need to follow some steps. If you have moderate oxidation, you can get a cleaner wax both to remove the oxide and to protect. If the oxidation is past moderate, you will have to first remove it before applying the wax.
  • Don't let a label tell you how to apply your product. It doesn't matter if it says to wash by hand or by a machine. The truth is that when it comes to application and cleaning, there is no much of a difference. Use the method that makes you feel more comfortable. Perhaps you like the fact that a machine will get the job done faster but doing it by hand increases your chances of finding discoloring spots or oxidation stripes.

Now, before waxing your RV with the wax of your choice take the following in consideration:

  • Fiberglass is coated with gel coat, which is not paint.
  • If this is your first time waxing your RV and don't want to risk it, practice on your bathtub. Like, for real, it is essentially the same thing.
  • You will probably have oxidation at some point. But fiberglass oxidizes different than paint. Fiberglass and gel coat will flake. Even when your RV looks shiny, there is a high chance there is oxidation and you will not realize it until you wax it. Consider how oxidized your RV looks to decide with what frequency you will be cleaning and waxing.


There is no other way around protecting the fiberglass on your RV than to clean it and wax it. This is when you realize that to enjoy the comfort of a recreational vehicle, you must invest time on its maintenance and look. The exterior is not only the most important part of your vehicle but it is also that is exposed to the forces of nature outside.

Hence, the importance of investing in taking care of it and protecting it. Fiberglass is a beautiful material. However, it also requires constant care if you want your RV to always look like new. The best protection is obviously delivered by the best products. When you get to the fence and you are not sure on what to choose, remember what is important to you -protection, durability, functionality, aesthetics, etc-and decide what to use based on that. Here are some other interesting related articles you might be interested in is the best rated rv wax on the market or best rv roof coating review.

Versatile choice Product 303 (30320) UV Protectant
  • Non-toxic formula
  • No greasy finish
  • Repels dust and dirt
Budget Option Product Meguiar's M6332 Flagship Premium Marine Wax
  • Boosts fiberglass coloration
  • Easy to apply
  • Leaves a nice glossy apperance
Best Value Product Meguiar’s M5616 Marine/RV Pure Wax Carnauba Blend
  • Brazilian Carnauba wax
  • Boosts durability
  • Makes fiberglass look always new

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