Best Spotting Scope Stand/Tripod Complete Reviews with Comparisons

The greater the magnification of scopes the more you will affect its stability with shaky hands. There are many factors you need to consider before getting yourself a tripod

Using just any tripod will bring you frustration. Plus, with so many options out there, the selection process only gets daunting. Not to worry, though, we have made a selection of the best spotting scope tripods to help your specific needs.

Top 5 Best Spotting Scopes Tripod/stands

  • Vanguard Alta Pro 263AGH Aluminum Tripod
    - Best Option For Hunting
    (Our Score 4.9)

    Awesome stability with a maximum height of 68.1 inches and with a load capacity of almost 15 pounds, this is a heavy duty one.

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  • Vortex Optics Pro GT Tripod
    - Great For Hunting
    (Our Score 4.8)

    A great combination between stability and ease of use. The three-way panhead allows for a great viewing experience for small spotting scopes.

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  • Bushnell 784030 Advanced Tripod
    - Great For Hunting
    (Our Score 4.7)

    Lightweight and comfortable to carry. It weighs only 5.5 pounds but with a load capacity of 11 pounds.

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  • RetiCAM Tabletop Tripod
    - Best Table Top Option
    (Our Score 4.9)

    A tiny tabletop yet capable of holding up to 6 pounds. This mini tripod is pretty sturdy and stable. It features a level bubble and quick release mounting plate.

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  • Swarovski Optik CT 101 Carbon tripod
    - Best Option For Birding
    (Our Score 4.9)

    It is rugged, sturdy, flexible. An all-in-one with only 4.5 pounds of weight.

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Top 3 Spotting Scope Tripods

Let’s start with the top 3 spotting scope tripods. To make it simple for you, we made a selection considering three important aspects: location (indoors or outdoors), your spot (terrain or in a tree stand), and the length of your hike (i.e.: weight).

  • 1. Vortex Optics High Country Tripod

    We’ll start you off with this small, light, and compact tripod from Vortex. It allows a height of 52.3 inches in case you are standing on the ground and it can be lowered to 15 inches so you can sit next to it and patiently wait for game to show up. This one is pretty versatile thanks to its durability and lightweight, which makes transportation a breeze.

The Bad/What I don't like

If your scope is too heavy, they will become unstable. The truth is that they are relatively thin. This means that if you place objects that begin to border the 5 pounds, it will start wobbling. But you would probably not take heavy scopes when you go hiking or hunting, so this should not represent an issue.

  • Great height range gives it
    more versatility.
  • Lightweight.
  • Portable.
  • Three angle adjustment on the legs.
  • It can only hold 5 pounds or less.
  • No handle to move the scope.

The Good/What I like

The first thing you look up to in this device is that it is light. When folded, it has a height of 21 inches, which makes the transporting easier. You can take it up to the mountain, place it on the floor or put it on a tree stand.

Product Highlights

The Vortex Optics High Country Tripod comes with a warranty from OpticsPlanet. The 2.2 pounds makes it easy to carry. It was actually designed for hikers and hunters. It does provide stability enough to keep your scope steady, given that this one is not heavier than 5 pounds. It is super easy to mount.

Editors Rating 4.8 out 5

  • 2. BARSKA Deluxe Tripod

    This tripod from Barska has a great value. It is super stable and comes with a great price tag. It is kind of heavy duty, considering the width of its legs. It will certainly hold your astronomy scopes in place and provide for a nice experience.

The Bad/What I don't like

There are actually a couple of things that we do not enjoy from the Barska deluxe tripod. It does promote the max weight capacity of 6 pounds, but the truth is that it might start to wobble a little bit, depending on the terrain you are holding. If you are placing the tripod on a flat surface, that should not be a problem. The horizontal bars connecting the legs provide much more stability.

The other issue we have has to do with the head and the knobs, which are made of high-impact plastic. This is what you should expect, though, given the price. The tripod head does not have this large gap that gives tripods more stability. This should not interfere with your birding or astronomy activities.

  • It has a lever that allows easy panning
    and moving your scope.
  • A pretty good height fully extended.
  • It comes with a nice case.
  • Knob and head are made of plastic.
  • Not to stable when it borders weights of
    6 pounds.

The Good/What I like

The look on this tripod is that of a safe and stable one. We like the fact that it can extend up to 63.4 inches and hold a weight of up to 6 pounds. That increases the uses that it could possibly have. Putting it up together is also super easy.

Product Highlights

You probably already noticed that this tripod is very light to carry. It does extend to a pretty high minimum height so it might still not feel comfortable to carry. This tripod is stable but we can recommend it to use on flat surfaces. It would work in tough terrains but it would probably be putting too much stress on them.

It has a weight capacity of 6 pounds which should be enough for activities that go from birding to astronomy watching. The product is durable and compact-it even comes with a carrying case, so that is one thing to get off of your head.

Editors Rating 4.7 out 5

  • 3. Vanguard Alta Pro 263AGH Aluminum Tripod

    The Vanguard tripod is a high-quality stand. This piece of aluminum is actually a kit that has it all to provide a great experience. Ideal to take out there to rough terrains, this tripod is ready to deliver your most demanding needs. Thanks to its aluminum build, you can carry it with no problem. The folded length versus the extended length is just brilliant. If you want a stable one with durable parts and cool features, this is one you must take a look at.

The Bad/What I don't like

It does come with a bit of a high price tag. So you’d better be serious about making an investment. You do get what you pay for and once you start trying this one, you will not want to look back.

  • Pistol grip for better adjustment
  • Really smooth rolling head.
  • The legs can be adjusted into
    different heights and angles.
  • Very easy to operate.
  • It is expensive.

The Good/What I like

The most important factors that have been put together in this tripod is the high stability, the build, and the versatility of angles. These are the things that we like about the Alta Pro 263AGH aluminum tripod. They have a Vanguard warranty to hold up with so there is no going wrong with these ones.

Product Highlights

This is definitively a product to look at as it pretty much sets apart from the rest. Vanguard has really gone a long way into creating a product that is both durable and versatile. This tripod behaves pretty stable when added a heavyweight, so there is probably no scope that it could hold.

It has the right height range and the appropriate weight. This tripod not only allows you to swivel using and innovative pistol grip style ball head but the hexagonal central column allows you to rotate your scope from 0 to 180 degrees.

The stand also features a magnesium die-cast canopy and anti-shock ring. Thanks to its versatility and legs that can adjust to 25, 50, and 80 degrees, there is no activity that you can’t do with these ones. Some of these features can be greatly used by photographers.

Editors Rating 4.7 out 5
  • Minimum length of 56.1 inches
  • Extended height of 68.5 inches
  • capacity of up to 13.2 pounds
  • 5.84 pounds of weight

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Best 3 Hunting Tripods for Spotting Scope

When you are on the hunt, a good scope is always an important part of your arsenal. Sometimes you need good power to spot that elusive game. But a good magnification can become shaky due to your hand pulse. That is the reason for a good tripod that will take care of that.

We have selected three hunting tripods for a spotting scope that we consider best combine performance with durability.

  • 1. Vortex Optics Pro GT Tripod

    Vortex goes at it again. The most important aspect of a good hunting tripod for spotting scope is stability, and the Pro GT’s got it. You also need to be able to move the scope easily through. This tripod makes it feel like you are cutting through butter. Overall, a nice combination with everything you need.

The Bad/What I don't like

Most tripods we have tested have ball-mounted feet that can be rotated to obtain a better stability. This is not the case with these ones. But this is really a small issue. Especially if you consider the price.

  • Great height range
  • High-quality construction
  • Easy to use
  • Easily adjustable legs
  • The rubber feet on each leg do
    not articulate.
  • As far as hunting goes, it might still
    feel a bit heavy.

The Good/What I like

We like that this tripod was designed for hunters in mind. It can easily adapt to different hunting environment. It is stable, durable, and the legs can be easily adjusted to respond to the rough terrain. The maximum extension is great for the average hunter and the collapsed height is ideal to do some sitting while scoping around.

Product Highlights

Designed for heavy duty use, the Vortex Optics Pro GT tripod is a hunter favorite. While you are out in the woods, looking for your kill, the elements will side with the animal and greatly affect the stability of your scope. Fortunately, this tripod sides with you. It has a great three-way panning head that will allow you a very fine adjustment and a glossy movement.

It does have a max. weight capacity of 10 pounds, but it grows unstable as you come close to that mark. Your scope might have a weight of around 5 pounds, which the tripod can take, of course. Just don’t leave it unattended while not in use.

Editors Rating 4.9 out 5

  • 2. Vanguard Alta Pro 263AB 100 Aluminum Tripod

    Without a question your best choice for your hunting trips. It feels like Vanguard thought about everything when putting together this tripod. All the technology of Vanguard is placed on this tripod and the rest of the other models. You will have to pay for an expensive one here but one that is also totally worth the price.

The Bad/What I don't like

The safety lock is actually a bit fragile and it can only get worse with time. If yours is older than a year, maybe some maintenance will be required. You probably do not want your expensive scope to go to the floor because of a knob missing some oil. It is pricey but, hey, you need it.

  • Adjustable legs
  • SBH-100 ball head
  • Easy to use
  • Good stability
  • Safety locker is weak and might
    deteriorate over time.

The Good/What I like

Durability, stability, even when placing heavy loads, is the highlight of this tripod. There is no doubt that it delivers as promised. With all the tech added to them, this piece is great for a hunting adventure in the harshest condition.

Product Highlights

This tripod is designed to give you the maximum stability in the most demanding environments. It has the proper height adjustments for a hunting trip. The fluid-like ball head rotates 360 degrees and provides a swift panning.

It sports a magnesium die-cast canopy and anti-shock ring. With legs having settings for 25, 50, and 80 degrees angles, there is no way you can go wrong with this one. It provides great stability but the described load capacity of 15.4 pounds should not be taken by the letter. As with pretty much all stands, when you approach that mark, it becomes more unstable, something that you do not want to experience out there in the woods.

Editors Rating 4.9 out 5
  • Extended height: 68.1 inches
  • Folded height: 28.1 inches
  • Load capacity of up to 15.4 pounds
  • 5.38 pounds of weight

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  • 3. Bushnell 784030 Advanced Tripod

    This tripod also has everything you need in a stand. Durability, reliability, and stability are only some of the things that make this one of the best tripods out there. It will hold your scope just as swiftly as your binos and even your rifle. A strong build and 3 padded foam leg cushions provide a better stability and a good resistance to harsh weather.

The Bad/What I don't like

It does say that it can stand a maximum load of 11 pounds but it can come a bit far from that before it loses stability. We found out that the legs are not quick release, making adjustments in tough terrains a bit more complicated. But this also helps to the stability of the tripod, so you can totally turn this one to your favor.

  • Weather-resistant aluminum legs
  • 3-way pan/tilt head
  • Center tension control
  • The legs are not quick release
  • It can get too heavy during a hiking, especially.

The Good/What I like

We like the price/value ratio on this one. You definitively get what you pay for as this tripod was designed for hunting. It is not the best in weight but it is still easy to carry around.

Product Highlights

This tripod has the major specs that guarantee a good hunting. Bushnell is a reputable company known for putting their best quality on their products, so you got that one going for you. The 3-way pan/tilt head allows for a greater mobility in finding that game.

It is designed to withstand the woods while you put on your spotting scopes. Legs are adjusted individually to help adapt to any terrain. The foam-covered legs are made of aluminum, which of course contributes to the relatively lightweight.

Editors Rating 4.7 out 5

Top 3 Tabletop Tripod for Spotting Scope

If you are sitting at a bench or perhaps laying down or on your knees, your best choice is a tabletop tripod. We have prepared a nice selection of the top 3 we found for tabletop tripods for spotting scope. Without any further ado, let's take a look.

  • 1. RetiCAM Tabletop Tripod

    Spotting scopes usually come with their own tabletop tripod. But not much effort is really put in the manufacturing of those. This tripod is ideal for those who want to step it up. This one is sturdy and durable, making it a great choice for a tabletop tripod.

The Bad/What I don't like

If you are worried about a tripod being fancy and flashy, perhaps you should look at another one. The design is simplistic, but then you are not in for the looks, but for what is inside.

  • Very portable due to size
    and weight.
  • Large locks are easier to secure
  • A 3-way pan/tilt head
  • Not too fancy looking.

The Good/What I like

A glimpse of the RetiCAM tells you about the sturdiness of this one. You can tell it is elaborated with a high standard and with users in mind. It is easy to use with a spotting scope.

Product Highlights

Some cool features make a part of this fantastic tripod. These ones include a 3-way pan/tilt head, an extendable center column, a bubble level, rubber feet, quick release mounting plate, and several others. You get one of the best standing experiences with this one.

It is built with aluminum, which contributes to its light weight. It is easy to carry around and the product comes with a nice carry bag.

Editors Rating 4.9 out 5

  • 2. SLIK Mini Pro DQ

    A great value for your money, the SLIK Mini Pro DQ will deliver the work she was made for. Placing the spotting scope is a complete breeze. Check out this nice tripod.

The Bad/What I don't like

We actually did not find anything we did not like. Except maybe that you cannot take it outside since it is for indoor use only.

  • Lightweight and easy to handle
  • Quick detach technology
  • Sturdy and stable
  • • No fine adjustments for
    the scope direction

The Good/What I like

Given the great price for this tripod, we have in front of ourselves a valuable acquisition. It has everything you need to have in a stand. We absolutely love the quick release added to the legs too.

Product Highlights

You are looking at a table tripod ideal for that small scope you want to place looking at the window. The SLIK is a pretty sturdy little one that will surely not disappoint you. The Mini Pro legs end up in a quick release platform to make the detachment of your scopes much easier. It is a pretty nice piece that will keep you in the right direction towards satisfaction.

Editors Rating 4.8 out 5

  • 3. Vanguard VS-82 Table Top Tripod

    This one is sleek and great for a regular spotting scope. It might not hold that much weight but it is sturdy and pretty stable for a tripod its size. The fact that it is lightweight and compact, makes it a great companion for that hiking trip.

The Bad/What I don't like

The amount of load it can hold is not too much, so you can only place a spotting scope and a camera.

  • Sturdy and stable
  • Lightweight and comfortable
    to carry
  • Rubber feet
  • Not great for heavy scopes

The Good/What I like

The beautiful design of this tiny tripod along with the durability and sturdiness make this a pretty attractive option for a table tripod. It features a two-way panhead, is made of aluminum, and the rubber feet help keep it in place.

Product Highlights

When it comes to lightweight and convenience, the VS-82 has you covered. It is lightweight, compact, and super easy to set up. You can call this a great miniature tripod. It works great with your regular spotting scope and its sturdy body delivers pretty well.

Editors Rating 4.8 out 5
  • Extended height: 9.9 inches
  • Lowest height: 7.5 inches
  • Folded height: 9 inches
  • Maximum load: 5.5 pounds
  • Weight: 13.8 ounces (0.86 pounds)

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Top 3 Tripod for Spotting Scope Birding

The tripod where you place the spotting scope for birding is as important as the scope. A flimsy tripod will deliver a poor image regardless of how good the scope is. This is why we have selected three top tripods for spotting scope birding. They provide the stability you need, especially in windy conditions.

  • 1. Bushnell 784040 black Titanium Tripod 63"

    The perfect tripod for spotting scope birding provides sturdiness and flexibility. These are birds we are talking about and these will not wait for you to stabilize your scope. Bushnell’s 78040 comes pretty close to that perfection. It is able to hold heavy objects and is overall one of the best tripods to detect ranges.

The Bad/What I don't like

The product might come with some glitches. You might find that the locks do not lock too safely or that one of the rubbers fall off. If you are having any of those issues, you can perfectly claim your warranty.

  • Made of titanium
  • Three-way panhead
  • Gearless reversible center column.
  • Despite the claimed max load,
    it does become unstable when the
    load approaches this max.

The Good/What I like

We like how easy to set up this tripod is. After that, the performance is satisfactory for bird-watching. It has the stability you need to check out amazing features on the bird you are watching.

Product Highlights

The Bushnell 784040 is made of titanium which means that this is a highly durable tripod. It features three-position leg angle adjustment and a three-way panhead-useful feature when spotting those flappy birds. A gearless reversible center column and the two pan and the tilt handle make it easy to adjust.

Editors Rating 4.7 out 5

  • 2. Vortex Optics Summit SS-P Tripod

    We mentioned earlier how a good tripod to place a birding spotting scope is one that will stay stable even in windy conditions. The SS-P tripod from Vortex provides the opportunity to be as stable as needed to be. The sturdy legs in the tripod and the 3-way panhead make it a great tool for bird-watching.

The Bad/What I don't like

The tripod is not too high, which could be a problem for taller birdwatchers. This tripod will wobble too much if you place a scope heavier than 5-6 pounds, so consider that before purchasing.

  • 3-way panhead allows better exploring.
  • Five leg sections
  • Pretty lightweight
  • Not too stable when load exceeds
    around 5-6 pounds
  • Extended height is shorter than your
    average height for tripods.

The Good/What I like

Hooking and unhooking the scope is super easy. It is sturdy enough and it puts down some weight. This product is lightweight, which could be a problem in windy conditions but it features a hook at the bottom for you to add weight. So, you can basically bring a bag, puts rocks in it and hook it to your tripod.

Product Highlights

This product talks about versatility and birding use. It can hold your average spotting scope. It is lightweight, which is a great thing for your hiking trips. It includes a convenient hook at the bottom that allows you to add more weight to increase stability. Thanks to its quick release plate, you can easily place a spotting scope.

Editors Rating 4.7 out 5

  • 3. Swarovski Optik CT 101 Carbon tripod

    We complete our list with a heavy duty tripod, but it also comes with an expensive price. Whatever your needs for bird-watching are, this one has what you need. It has the appropriate level of stability, even in windy conditions. It feels really sturdy and rugged with a very lightweight. There is no going wrong with this one.

The Bad/What I don't like

You definitively get what you pay for here. This tripod and head are pretty expensive, so you must be serious about the investment you are making in a really durable product.

  • High stability
  • Made of carbon fiber
  • Lightweight
  • Flexible panhead
  • Not cheap.

The Good/What I like

You cannot go wrong with this one. It is like an all-in-one, providing the stability and flexibility you need to make it the best tripod for spotting scope birding ever.

Product Highlights

This product is high-end and, as such, will deliver whatever your needs are. It is lightweight, yet rugged and sturdy. The tripod and head are made of carbon fiber and is pretty stable. The panhead rotates and tilts, giving maximum stability for your bird-watching activities.

Editors Rating 4.9 out 5

Buyers Guide

The type of tripod, as you saw, will depend on the user, the type of activity being performed, and the conditions in which they will be used. Let’s go over the key features of a tripod that you must be looking into to make your best purchase.

The head is where you will be positioning your spotting scope. They carry a universal screw which is where you will use to attach the scope. Some of them bring a lever or a gun-like feature which is used to move the scope, depending on what kinds of rotation the panhead has.

For most activities, you need a two-way rotation. These are pitching (moving the scope up and down), yaw (panning left and right), and roll (spinning on its lens axis). There is rarely a need for roll, especially for bird watching. But if you are looking for a complete gadget, then go for the three-way panhead.

To make the price go lower, some manufacturers sell the head separately from the legs.

High-end tripods have legs made of carbon fiber and the connecting parts made of magnesium. This material has a great combination of durability and lightweight. However, this means that they are pricier, almost twice as much as aluminum ones. But they pay off with the same sturdiness and 30% of the weight. If you are willing to give that up, then you can go with the least expensive ones.

These aluminum ones are sturdy enough and some of their parts are made of plastic, which could make you run into issues in the future. But they come at a much lower price.

Some legs have spreader bars while most of them have the ability to have each leg spread independently. This is great for uneven terrains such as when you go hunting or birding outdoors.

Tripods with very light legs are usually inexpensive. The legs are made of thin aluminum, they are pretty flimsy and hard to repair. They will work fine with very light scopes (50mm-60mm objectives), but they will not work with larger ones. Besides this, they are not too versatile when it comes to extended height so we would not recommend these if you are using a rather big equipment.

Most legs are made of multiple sections that nest in each other, with the thinnest at the bottom. Others have this inverted with the thinnest at the top. This is good to bring down the center of gravity and for use in sand, snow, or mud. The legs usually end in a rubber foot which allows it to stick to the floor. Others allow you to change the rubber for spikes in order for you to stick them in the terrain.


What is the best tripod head for spotting scope
A good tripod head is that one that allows you to pitch and yaw. That is one that allows you to smoothly pan and go up and down. In order to have optimal results, make sure the parts that join the head with the legs are not made of plastic.

What is the best tripod for spotting scope birding
You need one that will not go easily with the wind. It should allow you to have a flexible and secure motion if you are using your spotting scope to search for fowl. Within our list, we recommend the Swarovski Optik CT 101 Carbon tripod. It has everything you need for birding and other like activities. Now, it can get pricey, so if you are on a budget, then the next best thing is the Bushnell 784040 black Titanium Tripod 63".

What is the best spotting scope tripod under 100
This will depend on what is the activity you will be using your tripod for. Keep in mind that it will be hard to find a stand that will deliver heavy duty under 100. But you want to take a look at the Bushnell 784030 Advanced Tripod. It has a great combination of durability, performance, weight, and load capacity for its price.

What is the best spotting scope tripod under 50
Probably the best option here is a tabletop tripod, in which case we will go for the SLIK Mini Pro DQ Table-Top Tripod. But if you still need a large one, then take a look at BARSKA Deluxe Tripod.

What is the best full size spotting scope tripod for the price
We will definitively go with the Vortex Optics Summit SS-P Tripod. It is pretty lightweight but allows you to externally give it greater stability. You can take this one to your birding or hunting excursion.

What is the best heavy tripod for heavy spotting scope
The best in our list is also the most expensive. We believe that the Swarovski Optik CT 101 Carbon tripod is a good investment for a heavy spotting scope. It actually does not feel too heavy but it does feel sturdy.

What is best affordable spotting scope tripod
We consider the Vanguard Alta Pro 263AGH Aluminum Tripod the best one for its price. Give it a try and check out everything this one can do for you.


A best rated spotting scope will run effectively if it is placed on the best stand or tripod. Just as we have said before, there are several factors that will determine which one is the best for you. Always remember that a tripod is not only the thing where you will be placing your spotting scope on. It is also the thing you will be placing on a cemented floor, on the sand, mud, or on the woods. You will also have to carry it around, meaning that weight is an important factor.

Take your time to make the best decision. If you are still on the fence then check out best rated spotting scope under 500 and best budget spotting scope review It should not be a tough one as you already have the instrument you will be working with and already know the passion you will be putting into it.