Best Rated Travel Trailer Tires To Buy

When choosing the best travel trailer tires, you need to make tons of considerations. It is not only about looks or whether they are made in China or the US. In fact, your first thought should be safety. We know that the number of tires available out there can be overwhelming. This turns it into a difficult task, especially if you do not know much about trailer tires.

We will be reviewing the top 5 trailer tires and a short buyer’s guide so that you are able to make an educated decision on what you want your recreational vehicle to ride on.

Our Top Selection Product Goodyear Unisteel G614 RST Radial Tire
  • Great traction during dry and wet conditions
  • Innovative technology to provide durability and safety
  • Even wearing and effective heat dissipation
Best Bang For The Buck Product Trailer King ST Radial Trailer Tire
  • Its nylon overlay provides durability
  • The shoulder design helps dissipate heat evenly
  • The design provides a smooth ride even in tough weather conditions
Top Heat Resistant Product Carlisle Radial Trail RH Trailer Tire
  • Built-in weathering and ozone protection against heat (HeatShield technology)
  • A distinctive tread pattern encourages even wear
  • The configuration reduces noise
Top Durability Product Freestar M-108 10 Ply E Load Radial
  • Designed to resist friction and weatherd (10 ply)
  • Great at holding heavyweight
  • Great for longer trips
Top Long Lasting Product Maxxis M8008 ST Radial Trailer Tire
  • Advanced tread compound reduces friction
  • Double steel belt for added durability
  • Long-lasting tire
Goodyear Unisteel G614 RST Radial Tire

Our Top Selection 

If you are looking for the highest quality tires out there and willing to make the investment, the Unisteel G614 is your best choice. This is a durable and reliable tire that will not leave you on the side of the road. 

Quick Summary
  • Versatile and made with heavy-duty materials
  • Shallow tread patterns improve stability
  • Great for all kinds of applications
  • Tread technology provides and improved traction
  • Price: $$

One of the things that you will love about this radial tire is that it is capable of withstanding pretty much any applications. This versatile tire is made with heavy-duty materials and a technology that guarantees a long-lasting product. 

This tire from Goodyear features shallow tread patterns and improved rib stability. This configuration helps to provide distribute and dissipate heat more easily while ensuring the detection of wear patterns easily. 

You are covered in the traction department as well. We are talking about lateral grooves, rib edge spikes, and reinforced rubber compounds. This tire will deliver effectively regardless of the road conditions. 

  • Heavy duty construction
  • Many innovative features for added durability and safety
  • Great traction during dry and wet conditions
  • Even wearing and effective heat dissipation
  • It comes with a rather high price
The Good/What I like

We like that the technology behind this tire is made to provide a safe trip with no issues whatsoever. The wear of the tire is done evenly and you can easily read the amount of wear on the tire. Very few tires will give you the reliability you will get with this tire. 

The Bad/What I don't like

We definitively do not enjoy the price on this one. Yes, it is our top quality selection but that means that you have to make an important investment. However, you should be assured that you will be getting yourself a good product for your money. Investment is totally worth it. 

Trailer King ST Radial Trailer Tire

Best Bang For The Buck 

Trailer King has always positioned themselves as an authority when it comes to trailer tires. The ST Radial Trailer Tire has the particularity of being tough at a great price. This 28-lb trailer tire has important characteristics that make it last for a longer time. The shoulder design, for instance, allows a better heat dissipation which helps evenly distribute wear.

Quick Summary
  • Features a center groove to guarantee stability
  • Provides a smooth ride in demanding weather conditions
  • Nylon overlay embedded inside the tire
  • Built for durability and safe support
  • Price: $

You will learn that one important and usually overseen characteristic of trailer tires is a consistent tracking and stability. The Trailer King gives this aspect a special focus as it includes a center groove to guarantee that your trailer is solid rolling on the road. Besides this, you get a smooth ride even in bad weather conditions.

Now, how does the tire ensure such strength and durability? They feature a nylon overlay embedded inside the tire. There is no worry of poor response with these ones on your trailer. 

  • Center groove for better stability and consistent tracking
  • Its nylon overlay provides durability
  • The shoulder design helps dissipate heat evenly
  • The design provides a smooth ride even in tough weather conditions
  • Not too durable if placed on overweight trailers constantly
  • It is a 5-ply. We recommend this tire to keep as a spare.
The Good/What I like

Straightforward, these tires provide that added security that you need, especially knowing that you are safely supported by a good set of them. Trailer King has put an emphasis on this, on having a smooth ride, and making these tires last longer. 

The Bad/What I don't like

These tires are durable and last longer if you give them the proper use. Some users have reported that if you expose them to constant heavy loads, they will tear and wear faster than you intended. Always ask the seller what are the conditions for the long-lasting warranty of the tires. With adequate use, you will have a set of trailer tires for a while.

Carlisle Radial Trail RH Trailer Tire

Top Heat Resistant 

The Carlisle Radial trailer tire is another great option to look at. It is a high-quality tire that, besides being great for a trailer, it can also be used as a fifth wheel for an RV. This makes it a pretty versatile one. 

Quick Summary
  • Distinctive tread pattern guarantees an even wear
  • No bumps or spots from where the tire might blow up
  • Built to reduce noise
  • Distributes and dissipates heat effectively
  • Price: $$

Its distinctive tread pattern allows for an even wear, which helps to the durability of the tire. With durability comes the confidence of knowing that you will be having a quality tire for a rather long time. This also helps the tire to stay safe as you will not get “soft spots” where the tire might blow up from.

This pitch tread design also enables a quiet performance and improves heat dissipation. This makes it a great option, especially during those hot summer days. You can trust the Carlisle will stay durable during the scorching heat. A smooth and worry-free trip on your trailer is guaranteed.

Added to the safety, you get a tread wear indicator so that you know when it is time to change your tire. The DuraTrail technology includes a high-strength tire to ensure a safe ride. In summary, thanks to its HeatShield heat-resistant technology and heat-dissipation ability, we recommend this tire for use during the summer. 

  • The configuration reduces noise
  • A distinctive tread pattern encourages even wear
  • Built-in weathering and ozone protection against heat
  • Reliable performance
  • It's made in China
The Good/What I like

We enjoy the special focus that Carlisle has put on the design of this tire when it comes to durability and heat resistance. This 8-ply will certainly last for a long time along with the high-strength belt package.

The Bad/What I don't like

There is really nothing that there is to dislike about this tire. Except maybe that some users are complaining that it makes itself difficult to install on RVs. Now, this should not be an issue for travel trailers. In fact, we only suggest you use this Carlisle as a fifth wheel on an RV.  

Freestar M-108 10 Ply E Load Radial

Top Durability 

This is our 10-ply tire that deserves all the kudos, especially after you see the amazing price tag on this ST 225/75R15. Please note that the M-108 also comes in an 8-ply version. This does not mean that you are any less protected; differences between them are not related to safety or performance.

Quick Summary
  • Capable of withstanding heavyweight and friction
  • Tread compounds provide a better traction
  • Double steel belt for improved durability
  • Shock-absorption for a smooth ride
  • Price: $$

As a matter of fact, if you check the specs, the 10-ply and the 8-ply have pretty much the same endurance. We are talking about peak durability and endurance. Customers have reported going by hundreds of miles without them suffering much visible wear.

It also has the grooves to prevent your car from sliding in slippery raining conditions. To this, you must add that these tires are designed to have an excellent traction and grip.

Perhaps one of the things that we loved the most about this product is that it includes all these specs at a massively incredible price. 

The tires include a cooling layout that helps dissipate the heat produced by the use of the tires. The overall set of tires is a champion when it comes to durability and heat control.

  • Great at holding heavyweight
  • Shock-absorption provides a smooth ride.
  • Built for heavy duty
  • Designed to resist friction and weather
  • No wheel included
  • Not many are made available by the manufacturer
The Good/What I like

This is definitively the best of the best when it comes to resistance and long-lasting. If you are planning on taking your travel trailer to a 7000-km round trip, this is a tire set you might want to look at.  

The Bad/What I don't like

You do have to be careful with excessive load during too much time with this one. If you are planning on transporting the entire large family with their effects, including gears and stuff, then you might want to consider some spares. This is because, unfortunately, the sides of the tire are only 2-ply. Now, it is always good to play it safe with any tire and always carry some spares. Luckily, this is a tire that will indicate you when it is time for a change. 

Maxxis M8008 ST Radial Trailer Tire

Top Long-lasting 

When looking for a trailer tire that will withstand weight, friction, and last a long time, the M8008 from Maxxis is probably your best choice. Its 10-ply rating allows it to guarantee a tire for a very long time. 

Quick Summary
  • Continuously monitors power issues
  • Weather resistant
  • Joules Rating: 2100 Joules
  • A lock hasp to safely place on your RV
  • Price: $

The advanced tread compound it is made of decreases friction due to rolling. So, you will get a tire that will not wear too easily. The best part is that it comes at a great price. Customer reviews and user comments back up the quality of the tire. 

There is more to the durability of the M8008, including a double steel belt and vehicle towing stability. This is an important characteristic when it comes to travel trailers since this guarantees a smooth ride that will give proper support even on a bumpy road. 

Your load is held secure and with no damage to your goods thanks to the superior support and shock absorption. Definitively an investment worth the effort. 

  • Resists wind and rain
  • It identifies faulty power almost instantly
  • The lock hasp keeps the device safely place on your RV
  • You get full protection against surges
  • Indicator lights are not that strong
The Good/What I like

This is definitively our top selection when it comes to durability and long-lasting product. It has all the characteristics to give you peace of mind while you are on the road. We absolutely like the endurance of this tire, even on bumpy and complicated roads. 

The Bad/What I don't like

There is really nothing to dislike about this tire. It holds up pretty well and, on the road, it is a guarantee of load support and durability. 

Buyers Guide

Let us now take a look at some of the things you should be looking at when searching for your travel trailer tires. 

Max weight and load ratings

Every tire includes what is the maximum weight and its load rating within an inflation pressure. Please always make sure that your tire is inflated to the suggested pressure. This ensures performance and durability. 

Make sure you know what are the weight and load requirements of your vehicle. If your tire does not meet these requirements, you will be putting unnecessary stress on your tires and it could result in disaster.

Tires that do not have the required maximum weight and load rating will wear more easily and will not last as much as announced by the manufacturer. Consider this possibility when reading reviews of a product.


The specific size that your trailer needs is essential to peak performance. If you do not consider this important factor and place the wrong size of tires, you are risking suffering accidents. 

If you place a tire that is too small or too big, you are risking safety and tire performance. The best size for your trailer tire should be indicated clearly.

Combinations of numbers that begin with “ST” are specially built for travel trailers (LT stands for “light truck”). For the information printed as “ST 225/75R15”, the number 225 indicates the width from sidewalls and is measured in millimeters. The 75 is the tire’s aspect ratio-the ratio of the cross-section to its width. In other words, this tire is 75% high as it is wide. 

The R15 indicates the radial length of the wheel this tire will fit in. “R” stands for radial and “15” means that this tire will fit a 15-inch diameter wheel.  

Inflation Pressure

When you read a tire’s maximum weight and load ratings, the inflation pressure is always included in the description. This is because the maximum weight and the load rating of a tire depend on the inflation pressure.  

Please make sure you know what is the inflation pressure of your tire. This information is written on the side of the tire and usually measured in psi (pounds per square inch). Once again, we will say that it is important that your tire is at that pressure when on the road. 

It is a common misconception to believe that a lower pressure produces a softer and smoother ride. What this does is to increase friction and reduce the life of the tire. Do note that a higher temperature will increase the pressure inside the tire. Most tires are designed to distribute heat and reduce risks caused by high temperatures. 

Also, going above the recommended inflation pressure to increase maximum weight and load capacity is a big no. You are putting your safety on the line if you do that.  

Sidewall strength

You will be needing a tire with a strong sidewall if you do not want for it to blow in the middle of the road. When purchasing, tell the vendor what is the type of load you will be carrying. If buying online, read forums and reviews. 

Speed ratings

Each trailer tire has its own speed ratings at normal inflation and load conditions. This is the speed at which you can drive without risking the tire’s performance. Standard dictates these ratings to be within 65 and 104 mph.

 Keep in mind that inflation pressure has an effect on speed ratings as well. Always ask an expert before putting your tires to the test. 


To get the best out of your tires, it is important that you follow the requirements carefully. Manufacturers place the useful life of a tire under the condition that you use it with the correct maximum weight, load capacity, inflation pressure, and speed ratio.

Also, manufacturers will honor warranties if you are using the appropriate sizes for your travel trailer. Make sure then that you have all these aspects covered before you make a purchase. If you liked this post then check out the best trailer tires for the money and the best boat trailer tires review.