Long-Term & Monthly RV Rentals - Where To Find The Best Deals! (Discount Included)

September 25th | Daryll Smith

Not only can you save money in taking a longer trip, but you can relax a lot more and can be more flexible about the route you take. 

Whether you are an expert or this is your first long term RV trip, the information below will give you all the important things you have to look for when booking and planning a long term RV trip.

How to Find The Best Deals on Long-Term & Monthly RV Rentals?

There are tons of sites and companies available for renting an RV for a longer period of time; however, the best rated and most loved in today’s market is Outdoorsy. 

Customers are going wild over this company because they offer free roadside assistance, and provide both the owner of the RV and the renter up to one million dollars of insurance coverage.

The best part about Outdoorsy is that their website is very user-friendly. There are tons of filters that help you to narrow down the RV options to find the perfect match for you and your family. 

Some of the helpful filters available on Outdoorsy are pet-friendly, smoke friendly, vehicle type, kitchen, amenities, ratings and many more.

Since the RVs listed on Outdoorsy are privately owned, Outdoorsy allows you to leave a detailed rating after you have rented an RV. With that being said, before booking your RV without a doubt you should make sure to read the previous reviews about the RV and the owner. 

In doing so, you can clarify any specific questions or concerns with the owner before your big trip.

Why Should You Get A Monthly RV Rental?

Some may be concerned that renting an RV for a long period of time can be stressful. Instead, it is the complete opposite. Renting an RV for a longer vacation can help you save money on the cost of the rental and even the campsite passes. Let’s take a look at other reasons why you should rent an RV for a longer time.

  • The longer you have the RV the more time you have to explore without having to worry about constantly returning the RV and getting used to a new model.
  • Renting an RV does not call for a large sum of money to reserve it.
  • Another reason that renting is ideal is because you do not have to worry about where to store the RV whenever you are not traveling.
  • Not being the owner of the RV you also do not have to worry about paying the taxes of owning one.
  • Not being the owner of the RV you also do not have to worry about paying the taxes of owning one.

Monthly RV Rental Prices

Most think that renting an RV is quite expensive. However, after reviewing prices on Outdoorsy for RV rentals in the US can range between 50 dollars up to 200 dollars per night. This truly varies on the length of the rental and the model you plan on renting.

Most owners offer big discounts the longer you rent the RV. Some of these discounts can be as low as 50 dollars a night for a newer model RV. The main reason that RV owners like long term renters is because they have a guaranteed income from their RV, so they would much rather rent it out to one person for a longer term rather than having to change guest every so often and even risking not having the RV rented at all.

Where to Find Monthly RV Rentals Near You?

As we previously mentioned above, the best place to rent RVs is from peer to peer companies like Outdoorsy. This company has an A-plus rating on the Better Business Bureau while other competitors are listed with a B rating.

Not only does Outdoorsy take care of their renters, but they also protect the RV owners and provide exceptional customer service to both. Lastly, since this company allows for peer to peer rentals, this has made them one of the largest companies in today’s market. Outdoorsy currently provides customers the largest variety of RV rentals in the world.

Where to Stay Long-Term in Your RV?

The beauty of traveling with an RV is that you can go to an infinite number of locations. However, the last thing that most people think about is where they will be staying. Since an RV is a hotel on wheels, we normally prioritize planning the route but can easily forget about where you will be spending the night. Regardless of your destination below, you can find four different options on where to stay. If you are near the Colorado area here’s a list of unique places to visit.

  • Campsites with RV parking or RV resorts. You can easily search for these locations on Rover Pass. This website is great because it lists all the different prices of each location.
  • You can also search on Harvest Host for FREE overnight stays at other people’s private properties. This website has over 800 locations that range from homes, farms, wineries, museums, and many other privately owned locations.
  • If you are feeling adventurous, you can always try Boondocking. This means that you stay on public property like beaches or in the forest. However, boondocking means that you are staying overnight somewhere were you have no access to water or electricity hookups.
  • If you are looking for affordable long stays, we would highly advise you to look into staying at national parks. While weekend passes may seem pricey, they actually offer great monthly passes.

Other Tips for Renting An RV

We would like to add some additional tips that might be helpful for your RV adventure and the planning behind the big trip.

  • First, we would advise you to use the website RV Trip Wizard for planning the route of your trip. This website has a large selection of camping sites and must-visit points of interest.
  • Safety always comes first! Regardless if you have insurance on the rental RV or not you should ALWAYS make sure to drive slower. Heavier cars like RVs and cargo trucks take a longer time to break than a regular car.
  • Even when it comes to RV reservations the early bird gets the worm! The sooner you make your reservations, the more money you can save on your trip.
  • Plan to stay in campgrounds that allow you to easily pull through the parking grounds rather than backing in. This will help you out extremely if you are not very experienced with driving and maneuvering an RV.